Invited Speakers

Afeyan, Bedros
Polymath Research Inc.
Session GI3.00004 Methods of Optimal Control of Laser-Plasma Instabilities Using Spike Trains of Uneven Duration and Delay (STUD Pulses) Room: Plaza F
ArchMiller, M.C.
Auburn University
Session BI2.00004 Plasma Disruption Avoidance and Mitigation using Strong Non-Axisymmetric Shaping with Stellarator Fields Room: Plaza E
Awe, Thomas
Sandia National Laboratories
Session CI2.00002 Observations of altered instability structure for imploding z-pinch liners that are premagnetized with a uniform axial field Room: Plaza E
Baalrud, Scott
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Iowa
Session NI3.00005 Effective Potential Theory for Transport Coefficients across Coupling Regimes Room: Plaza F
Bass, E.M.
University of California San Diego
Session KI3.00004 Predictions of the Transport-limited Fusion Alpha Profile in ITER Room: Plaza F
Battaglia, D.J.
Session YI2.00003 Kinetic Neoclassical Transport in the H-mode Pedestal Room: Plaza E
Bellei, C.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session GI3.00006 Multi-species and kinetic effects in ICF plasmas Room: Plaza F
Belli, E.A.
General Atomics
Session PI2.00004 Neoclassical Flows, Transport, and Non-Axisymmetric Effects in the Tokamak Plasma Edge Room: Plaza E
Berkery, Jack
Columbia University
Session TI2.00002 Measured Improvement of Global MHD Mode Stability at High-beta, and in Reduced Collisionality Spherical Torus Plasmas Room: Plaza E
Bertelli, N.
Session PI2.00001 Fast wave heating and edge power losses in NSTX and NSTX-U Room: Plaza E
Cerutti, Benoit
University of Colorado
Session DI3.00004 Gamma-ray Flares in the Crab Nebula: A Case of Relativistic Reconnection? Room: Plaza F
Chapman, B.E.
Session NI2.00004 Unified parametric dependence, control, and reconstruction of 3D equilibria in the RFP Room: Plaza E
Chen, X.
University of California Irvine
Session NI2.00002 Enhanced Localized Energetic Ion Losses Resulting from First-orbit Linear and Nonlinear Interactions with Alfv\'en Eigenmodes in DIII-D Room: Plaza E
Chrystal, C.
Session PI2.00003 Testing Neoclassical and Turbulent Effects on Poloidal Rotation in the Core of DIII-D Room: Plaza E
Commaux, N.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Session BI2.00002 Understanding the Physics of Thermal Quench Mitigatio Room: Plaza E
Daly, Edward
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Session WE1.00002 ITER ELM Control Coils Room: Plaza D
Danielson, J.R.
University of California, San Diego
Session JI2.00002 Progress Towards a Practical Multicell Positron Trap Room: Plaza E
de Vries, Peter
Session BI2.00001 The influence of an ITER-like wall on disruptions at JET Room: Plaza E
Di Stefano, Carlos
University of Michigan
Session BI3.00005 Observation and modeling of mixing-layer development in HED blast-wave-driven shear flow Room: Plaza F
Doyle, E.J.
Session PI2.00006 Electron Particle Transport on DIII-D - Testing Theory-Based Models and Implications for ITER Room: Plaza E
Ebrahimi, F.
Department of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University
Session PI2.00002 Physics of fast flux closure in coaxial helicity injection experiments in NSTX Room: Plaza E
Falk, K.
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Session TI3.00002 Full Equation of State Measurements of Warm Dense Carbon Using a Novel Technique of Shock and Release Room: Plaza F
Fang, Yun
University of Southern California
Session GI2.00002 First experimental results on the self modulation instability (SMI) of long electron bunches in dense plasmas Room: Plaza E
Galante, Matthew
West Virginia University
Session JI2.00003 Two-Photon Absorption Laser Induced Fluorescence Measurements of Neutral Density in Helicon Plasma Room: Plaza E
Giuliani, John
Naval Research Laboratory
Session CI2.00004 Effective vs Thermal Ion Temperatures in the Weizmann Ne Z-Pinch: Modeling and Stagnation Physics Room: Plaza E
Goldston, Robert
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Session YI2.00001 The Heuristic Drift Model of the Scrape-Off Layer: Physics Issues and Implications Room: Plaza E
Golfinopoulos, T.
Session YI2.00005 External Excitation of a Drift-Alfv\'{e}n Wave Response in the Alcator C-Mod Edge Plasma and its Relationship to the Quasi-Coherent Mode Room: Plaza E
Goncharov, V.N.
Laboratory for Laser Energetics, U. of Rochester
Session GI3.00001 Demonstrating Ignition Hydrodynamic Equivalence in Cryogenic DT Implosions on OMEGA Room: Plaza F
Gourdain, Pierre-Alexandre
Cornell University
Session BI3.00002 The impact of Hall physics on magnetized high energy density plasma jets Room: Plaza F
Grabowski, Paul
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Session BI3.00003 Charged Particle Stopping Power in Dense Plasmas: Improvements, Validation, and Practical Implications Room: Plaza F
Granetz, R.
ITPA MHD MDC-16 group, MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Session BI2.00003 ITPA Joint Experiment to Measure Threshold E-fields and Densities for Runaway Electron Onset and Suppression Room: Plaza E
Graves, David
University of California at Berkeley
Session UT3.00001 Low Temperature Plasma Medicine Room: Plaza F
Greenwald, M.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Session AR1.00001 Twenty Years of Research on the Alcator C-Mod Tokamak Room: Grand Ballroom
Guo, Houyang
Tri Alpha Energy, Inc.
Session UI2.00005 Recent Advances in Long Pulse High Confinement Plasma Operations in EAST Room: Plaza E
Haberberger, D.
Laboratory for Laser Energetics, U. of Rochester
Session GI3.00003 Measurement of Two-Plasmon--Decay Dependence on Plasma Density Scale Length Room: Plaza F
Hanson, J.M.
Columbia U.
Session TI2.00003 Feedback-Assisted Extension of the Tokamak Operating Space to Low Safety Factor Room: Plaza E
He, Wenlong
Department of Physics, SUPA, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, G4 0NG, UK
Session YI3.00002 A High Power Wide-band Gyro-BWO for Terahertz Operation Room: Plaza F
Holland, C.
University of California San Diego
Session JT3.00001 Validation Metrics for Improving Our Understanding of Turbulent Transport -- Moving Beyond Proof by Pretty Picture and Loud Assertion Room: Plaza F
Hurricane, O.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session QI3.00004 The High-Foot Implosion Campaign on the National Ignition Facility Room: Plaza F
Hyde, Truell
CASPER - Baylor University
Session JI2.00006 Confinement and Structural Changes in Vertically Aligned Dust Structures Room: Plaza E
Kaneko, Toshiro
Tohoku University
Session VI3.00002 Gas-Liquid Interfacial Non-Equilibrium Plasmas for Structure Controlled Nanoparticles Room: Plaza F
Koenig, Michel
Laboratoire LULI - CNRS
Session TI3.00003 Isentropic compression experiments on LIL and their applications to planetary physics Room: Plaza F
Kosuga, Yusuke
WCI Center for Fusion Theory, NFRI, Korea
Session JI2.00001 How the Propagation of Heat-Flux Modulations Triggers $E\times B$ Flow Pattern Formation Room: Plaza E
LaBombard, B.
Alcator DX Team
Session YI2.00006 New insights on boundary plasma turbulence and the Quasi-Coherent Mode in Alcator C-Mod using a Mirror Langmuir Probe Room: Plaza E
Lapenta, G.
Session DI3.00002 3D instabilities connected with reconnection in full 3D PIC simulations Room: Plaza F
Lebedev, S.
Imperial College
Session BI3.00006 Formation of reverse shocks in magnetized high energy density supersonic plasma flows Room: Plaza F
Lee, Hae Ja
Session TI3.00005 Exploring the matter of extremes at the Linac Coherent Light source Room: Plaza F
Lee, Jungpyo
Session PI2.00005 Ion intrinsic rotation in a tokamak caused by momentum transport due to diamagnetic flow effects Room: Plaza E
Leonard, A.W.
Session XR1.00001 Edge Localized Modes (ELMs) in Tokamaks Room: Grand Ballroom
Lin, Liang
Session NI2.00001 Energetic-particle-driven instabilities and induced fast-ion transport in a reversed field pinch Room: Plaza E
Liu, Yueqiang
Euratom/CCFE Association, Culham Science Centre, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 3DB, UK
Session BI2.00006 Self-consistent modelling of energetic particle effects on RWM: anisotropy and finite orbit width Room: Plaza E
Luginsland, John
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Session MR1.00001 100 Years of the Physics of Diodes Room: Grand Ballroom
Ma, T.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session TI3.00001 Observations of strong ion-ion correlations in dense plasmas Room: Plaza F
MacKinnon, A.J.
Session YI3.00005 Performance of high-density-carbon (HDC) ablator implosion experiments on the National Ignition Facility (NIF) Room: Plaza F
Maron, Y.
Weizmann Institute of Science
Session NI3.00006 Experimental discrimination between ion temperature and hydromotion in turbulent plasmas. Room: Plaza F
Menard, J.E.
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Session BI2.00005 Rotation and kinetic resonance effects on the spherical tokamak ideal-wall limit Room: Plaza E
Merritt, Elizabeth
Los Alamos National Laboratory and University of New Mexico
Session BI3.00001 Experimental Characterization of the Stagnation Layer between Two Obliquely Merging Supersonic Plasma Jets Room: Plaza F
Milchberg, Howard
University of Maryland, College Park
Session PT3.00001 The extreme nonlinear optics of gases and femtosecond optical/plasma filamentation Room: Plaza F
Moody, J.D.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session QI3.00001 The Hohlraum Drive Campaign on the National Ignition Facility Room: Plaza F
Myatt, J.F.
Laboratory for Laser Energetics, U. of Rochester
Session FR1.00001 The Deleterious Effects of Multibeam Laser--Plasma Interactions on Inertial Confinement Fusion and Their Mitigation Room: Grand Ballroom
Nagayama, T.
Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87185
Session CI2.00006 Experimental Validation of Modeled Fe Opacities at Conditions Approaching the Base of the Solar Convection Zone Room: Plaza E
Neculaes, V. Bogdan
GE Global Research
Session VI3.00001 Novel multi-beam X-ray source for vacuum electronics enabled medical imaging applications Room: Plaza F
Ni, Pavel
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Session BI3.00004 Initial experimental evidence of self-collimation of TNSA proton beam in a stack of conducting foils Room: Plaza F
Nora, R.
Fusion Science Center and Laboratory for Laser Energetics, U. of Rochester
Session GI3.00002 Theory of Hydro-Equivalent Ignition for Inertial Fusion and Its Applications to OMEGA and the NIF Room: Plaza F
Nornberg, M.D.
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Session NI3.00004 Direct measurement of turbulent resistivity Room: Plaza F
Orlov, D.M.
Session YI3.00006 Suppression of Type-I ELMs with a Reduced I-coil Set in DIII-D Room: Plaza F
Park, Hyeon
Session UI2.00006 Enhanced understanding of the MHD dynamics and ELM control experiments in KSTAR Room: Plaza E
Park, J.M.
Session UI2.00002 Projecting High Beta Steady-State Scenarios from DIII-D Advanced Tokamk Discharges Room: Plaza E
Paz-Soldan, C.
Session TI2.00001 Marshall N. Rosenbluth Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award Talk: Control of Non-Axisymmetric Fields With Static and Dynamic Boundary Conditions Room: Plaza E
Pitts, R.
ITER Organization, St. Paul Lez Durance, France
Session WE1.00001 Physics Basis and Design of the ITER Full Tungsten Divertor Room: Plaza D
Pueschel, M.J.
Dept. of Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Session KI3.00003 An Explanation for the High-$\beta$ Runaway: the Non-Zonal Transition Room: Plaza F
Ricketson, Lee
Session YI3.00004 Multi-level Monte Carlo Methods for Efficient Simulation of Coulomb Collisions Room: Plaza F
Rinderknecht, H.
Session GI3.00005 Quantitative studies of kinetic effects in direct- and indirect-drive Inertial Confinement Fusion implosions Room: Plaza F
Robertson, Scott
University of Colorado - Boulder, CO 80309
Session CT3.00001 Sheaths -- Where Plasma Meets a Surface Room: Plaza F
Rochau, G.
Sandia National Laboratories
Session CI2.00005 The Z Astrophysical Plasma Properties Collaboration Room: Plaza E
Sahai, Aakash
Department of Electrical Engineering, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708 USA
Session GI2.00006 Relativistically Induced Transparency Acceleration (RITA) - laser-plasma accelerated quasi-monoenergetic GeV ion-beams with existing lasers? Room: Plaza E
Sauter, Olivier
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Centre de Recherches en Physique des Plasmas, Association Euratom-Confederation Suisse
Session TI2.00004 On the non-stiffness of edge transport in L-modes Room: Plaza E
Sauthoff, Ned
US ITER Project Office
Session WE1.00003 US ITER Project Status Room: Plaza D
Schaeffer, Derek
University of California, Los Angeles
Session TI3.00006 Laboratory Experiments on the Generation of Perpendicular, Magnetized Collisionless Shocks by a Laser-Ablated Piston Room: Plaza F
Schmidt, A.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session GI2.00005 Dense Plasma Focus Z-Pinch Fully Kinetic Modeling and Ion Probe-Beam Experiments Room: Plaza E
Schumaker, William
University of Michigan
Session GI2.00004 Short-pulse, high-energy radiation generation from laser-wakefield accelerated electron beams Room: Plaza E
Sefkow, Adam
Sandia National Laboratories
Session CI2.00001 Design of MagLIF experiments using the Z facility Room: Plaza E
Shafer, M.W.
Session NI2.00006 Plasma Response Measurements of Non-Axisymmetric Magnetic Perturbations on DIII-D Room: Plaza E
Shneider, Mikhail
Princeton University
Session YI3.00003 Application of Nonresonant Optical Lattices for Advanced Plasma and Gas Remote Nonintrusive Diagnostics Room: Plaza F
Smalyuk, Vladimir
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session QI3.00003 Hydrodynamic instability and mix experiments at National Ignition Facility Room: Plaza F
Smith, S.P.
Session NI2.00005 Magnetic Flutter Plasma Transport Induced by 3D Fields in DIII-D Room: Plaza E
Spizzo, G.
Consorzio RFX, Padova, Italy
Session YI2.00004 Edge ambipolar potential in toroidal fusion plasmas Room: Plaza E
Sprangle, Phillip
Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory
Session SR1.00001 James Clerk Maxwell Prize Address: High Intensity Laser Propagation and Interactions Room: Grand Ballroom
Staebler, G.
Session UI2.00004 Resolving the Mystery of Transport Within Internal Transport Barriers Room: Plaza E
Taylor, Chase
Idaho National Laboratory
Session NI3.00002 Differentiating the role of lithium and oxygen in retaining deuterium on lithiated plasma-facing components Room: Plaza F
Tokuzawa, T.
Session KI3.00001 Observation of multi-scale turbulence and non-local transport in LHD plasmas Room: Plaza F
Town, R.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session QI3.00002 Dynamic Symmetry of Indirectly Driven ICF Capsules on NIF Room: Plaza F
Vieira, Jorge
IST Portugal
Session GI2.00003 Ion motion and hosing suppression in self-modulated plasma wakefield acceleration Room: Plaza E
Wahlstrand, Jared
University of Maryland, College Park
Session YI3.00001 Absolute measurements of high field generation of plasmas in gases with femtosecond time- and micron space-resolution Room: Plaza F
Walk, J.
Session UI2.00003 ELM Suppression and Pedestal Structure in I-Mode Plasmas Room: Plaza E
Wang, Yuhou
University of California, Los Angeles
Session JI2.00004 Destruction of a Magnetic Mirror-Trapped Hot Electron Ring by a shear Alfv\'{e}n Wave Room: Plaza E
Wehrenberg, Christopher
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Session TI3.00004 Compression dynamics and lattice kinetics in laser driven shocks of BCC metals using dynamic Laue diffraction Room: Plaza F
Xi, P.W.
Peking University
Session YI2.00002 The impact of peeling-ballooning turbulence on ELMs Room: Plaza E
Yan, Z.
U. Wisc. Madison
Session TI2.00006 The Dynamics of Turbulence and Shear Flow Across the L-H Transition on DIII-D Room: Plaza E
Zohm, Hartmut
IPP Garching
Session UI2.00001 Research on DEMO Physics Issues at High Density on ASDEX Upgrade Room: Plaza E