Press Spotlight

Mar 16 2009 8:00AM, Monday

Session A5 Nanostructuring with Ions Sponsor: FIAP Chair: John Melngailis, University of Maryland Room: 401/402
Invited Speakers:  Jeroen A. van Kan,  Henri Lezec,  Andreas Wieck,  Bin Ming,  John Melngailis 
 A5.00005 High speed focused ion and electron beam nanofabrication

Session A28 Bionanotechnology Sponsor: FIAP Chair: Xinsheng (Sean) Ling, Brown University Room: 330
 A28.00011 Single Nanometric Memory Unit Based On a Protein-Nanoparticle Hybrid

Session A38 Focus Session: The Chemical Physics of Biological and Biologically-inspired Solar Energy Harvesting I Sponsor: DCP Chair: Greg Scholes, University of Toronto Room: 410
Invited Speakers:  Tessa Calhoun,  Marc Baldo,  Darius Abramavicius 

Mar 16 2009 11:15AM, Monday

Session B3 10,000 Undergraduate Physics Majors: Progress on Doubling Sponsor: FEd Chair: Robert Hilborn, University of Texas at Dallas Room: 301/302
Invited Speakers:  Theodore Hodapp,  Anthony Johnson,  Margaret Murnane,  Michael Marder 
 B3.00001 Why Do We Need 10,000 Physics Majors?

Session B15 Current Fluid Mechanics Sponsor: DFD Chair: Shelley Anna, Carnegie Mellon University Room: 316
 B15.00001 Walking on water: why your feet get wet

Mar 17 2009 8:00AM, Tuesday

Session H9 Complex Networks and Their Applications Sponsor: GSNP Chair: Ira Schwartz, Naval Research Laboratory Room: 303
 H9.00013 Community Structure in Online Collegiate Social Networks

Session H20 Electrically and Optically Active Polymers Sponsor: DPOLY Chair: Lynn Loo, Princeton University Room: 321
 H20.00010 Ultrasensitive Solution Processed Polymer Photodetectors

Mar 17 2009 11:15AM, Tuesday

Session J9 Focus Session: Elasticity and Geometry of Thin Objects II Sponsor: GSNP Chair: Pedro Reis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Room: 303
Invited Speakers:  Michael Brenner 
 J9.00001 The self assembly of closed surfaces from flat sheet

Session J24 Focus Session: Nanotube Applications Sponsor: DMP Chair: Stefano Curtarolo, Duke University Room: 326
Invited Speakers: 
 J24.00001 Nanotube and Graphene ElectroMechanics

Session J28 Focus Session: Graphene Device and Applications I Sponsor: FIAP Chair: James Hannon, IBM Room: 330
Invited Speakers:  Yu-Ming Lin,  Yi Zheng,  Jianhao Chen 
 J28.00004 Non-volatile memory devices using graphene and ferroelectric thin films

Session J31 Focus Session: Magnetic Multilayers Sponsor: DMP GMAG Chair: Kathryn Krycka, National Institute of Standards and Technology Room: 335
Invited Speakers:  Kai Liu 
 J31.00008 Probing Magnetic Configurations in Buried Cobalt/Copper Multilayered Nanowires

Session J37 Focus Session: Spectroscopic Probes of Biomolecular Structure and Function II Sponsor: DCP Chair: Angela Gronenborn, University of Pittsburgh Room: 409
Invited Speakers:  Nien-Hui Ge,  Terry Miller 
 J37.00001 Structures of Amyloid Fibrils and Protein Folding Intermediates: New Insights from Solid State NMR

Mar 18 2009 8:00AM, Wednesday

Session P4 Physics of Polymer Membranes for Water Purification Sponsor: DPOLY Chair: Alamgir Karim, National Institute of Standards and Technology Room: 306/307
Invited Speakers:  David Cahill,  Benjamin Hsiao,  Thomas Mallouk,  Olgica Bakajin,  Darrell Reneker 
 P4.00004 Carbon Nanotube Membranes for Water Purification

Session P12 Focus Session: Characterization and Modeling of Complex Surfaces and Interfaces Sponsor: DMP DCMP Chair: Yue Qi, General Motors Room: 308
Invited Speakers:  Wayne Kaplan,  Tahir Cagin 
 P12.00007 Nanopatterned Biomimetic Surfaces to Probe the Role of cytoskeletal Proteins in cell Adhesion

Session P27 Focus Session: Advances in Scanned Probe Microscopy III: High Frequency and Optical Techniques Sponsor: GIMS Chair: Chris Hammel, Ohio State University Room: 329
Invited Speakers:  Lukas Novotny 
 P27.00010 Fabrication of MEMS Bimaterial Sensors for Uncooled THz Imaging.

Mar 18 2009 11:15AM, Wednesday

Session Q3 Physics and Culture Sponsor: DMP Chair: Charles Falco, University of Arizona Room: 301/302
Invited Speakers:  James Z. Wang,  J. Murray Gibson,  Ivan Schuller 
 Q3.00002 Prime-Time Science: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship?

Session Q11 Focus Session: Optical Properties of Nanostructures IV: Optical Antennas and Plasmonics Sponsor: DMP Chair: P. James Schuck, Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Room: 305
Invited Speakers: 
 Q11.00001 Dielectric Optical Antenna Emitters and Metamaterials

Session Q15 General Topics in Statistical and Nonlinear Physics and Applications to Social Systems Sponsor: GSNP Chair: Sid Redner, Boston University Room: 316
 Q15.00011 Statistical laws for career longevity

Mar 18 2009 2:30PM, Wednesday

Session T5 Industrial Biophysics Sponsor: FIAP DBP Chair: Philip Wyatt Room: 401/402
Invited Speakers:  Vladimer Razinkov,  Michael Larkin,  Diego Olego,  Stephen Laderman,  Malcolm Skolnick,  Steven Trainoff 

Mar 19 2009 8:00AM, Thursday

Session V27 Focus Session: Emerging Scanning Probe Microscopy Methods for Biological Applications Sponsor: GIMS Chair: Igor Sokolov, Clarkson University, Sergei Kalinin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Room: 329
Invited Speakers:  Boris Akhremitchev,  Bryan Huey 
 V27.00004 AFM method to detect differences in adhesion of silica bids to cancer and normal epithelial cells

Mar 19 2009 11:15AM, Thursday

Session W34 Superconducting Nanowires Sponsor: DMP Chair: Zhili Xiao, Argonne National Laboratory Room: 404

Mar 19 2009 2:30PM, Thursday

Session X5 Active Soft Matter: From Granular Rods to Flocks to Living Cells Sponsor: GSNP Chair: Cristina Marchetti, Syracuse University Room: 401/402
Invited Speakers:  Arshad Kudrolli,  Irene Giardina,  Aparna Baskaran,  Samuel Safran 

Mar 20 2009 11:15AM, Friday

Session Z35 Focus Session: Iron Pnictides and Other Novel Superconductors XVII: Similar Materials: Selenides and Tellurides Sponsor: DMP Chair: Jiangping Hu, Purdue University Room: 405
 Z35.00003 New Fe-based superconductor S doped FeTe using nontoxic elements