Session W24: Glassy and Amorphous Systems

2:30 PM–5:18 PM, Thursday, March 13, 2008
Morial Convention Center Room: 216

Sponsoring Unit: DCMP
Chair: Bruno Uchoa, Boston University

Abstract ID: BAPS.2008.MAR.W24.8

Abstract: W24.00008 : Particle Jumps in SiO$_2$: A Computer Simulation

3:54 PM–4:06 PM

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  Robin Bjorkquist
    (Reed College)

  Katharina Vollmayr-Lee
    (Bucknell University)

  Juergen Horbach
    (DLR, Koeln, Germany)

We use molecular dynamics simulations to investigate the aging dynamics of SiO$_2$ modeled by the BKS potential. The system is well equilibrated at temperature $T_{\rm high}$ and then quenched to $T_{\rm low}$. We characterize the dynamics by means of jumps in single-particle trajectories and measure the number of jump events, the number of jumping particles, and jump size. All measured quantities increase with increasing $T_{\rm low}$ and decrease with increasing waiting time. For the largest investigated temperatures $T_{\rm low}$ and for long enough waiting times the system reaches equilibrium and all measured quantities become independent of $T_{\rm high}$ and waiting time.

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