Session K1: Poster Session II: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

2:00 PM–2:00 PM, Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Morial Convention Center Room: Exhibit Hall A

Abstract ID: BAPS.2008.MAR.K1.239

Abstract: K1.00239 : The stolen brain of Einstein

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  Kavan Modi
    (The University of Texas at Austin)

Pathologist Thomas Stoltz Harvey performed an autopsy on Einstein after his death in 1955. During the autopsy Harvey removed Einstein's brain, took pictures of it and then cut it into several pieces. A lot of scientific attention has been devoted to Einstein' brain, and it still comes up once in a while. We've all heard something or other about Einstein's brain, as it has become somewhat of a folk lore. What is less known is that Harvey in actuality did not have the permission to remove the brain. Only later Harvey convinced Einstein's Hans Albert Einstein son that this was for a good purpose. The brain would only be used for scientific purpose, which will be published reputable journals. I will try to describe in some detail the long journey this brain has taken in last fifty two years.

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