Invited Speakers

Anderson, Jay
University of Wisconsin
Session JI2.00004 Fast Ion Confinement and Stability of an NBI-heated RFP Room: Ballroom DE
Anderson, K.S.
Laboratory for Laser Energetics and Fusion Science Center, U. of Rochester
Session UI2.00005 NIF Target Designs and OMEGA Experiments for Shock-Ignition Inertial Confinement Fusion Room: Ballroom DE
Ang, Lay Kee (Ricky)
Singapore University of Technology and Design
Session CI2.00002 Modeling of ultrafast laser induced electron emission from a sharp tip Room: Ballroom DE
Avinash, Khare
Department of Physics and Astrophysics University of Delhi, Delhi India
Session GI3.00003 Dust cluster explosion Room: Ballroom BC
Baylor, L.R.
Session TI3.00001 Reduction of ELM Intensity on DIII-D by On-demand Triggering With High Frequency Pellet Injection and Implications for ITER Room: Ballroom BC
Bernhardt, Paul
Naval Research Laboratory
Session GI3.00005 Electron Acceleration by High Power Radio Waves in the Ionosphere Room: Ballroom BC
Bortolon, Alessandro
University of California, Irvine
Session JI2.00002 Interplay between coexisting MHD instabilities mediated by energetic ions in NSTX H-mode plasmas Room: Ballroom DE
Briesemeister, A.
HSX Plasma Lab, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Session NI3.00006 Measurement and Modeling of Large Helical Flows in the HSX Stellarator Room: Ballroom BC
Candy, J.
General Atomics
Session CT3.00001 Theory, Verification and Validation of Finite-Beta Gyrokinetics Room: Ballroom BC
Cerjan, C.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session BI3.00002 Integrated Diagnostic Analysis of ICF Capsule Performance Room: Ballroom BC
Chen, Francis F.
Session PI2.00004 New insights into the experimental behavior of magnetized gas discharges Room: Ballroom DE
Chen, Liu
Institute for Fusion Theory and Simulation, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China
Session SR1.00001 James Clerk Maxwell Prize for Plasma Physics Talk: On Nonlinear Physics of Shear Alfv\'en Waves Room: Ballroom ADE
Chen, Yu-hsin
Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics, University of Maryland, College Park
Session UI2.00001 Marshall N. Rosenbluth Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award Talk: The Ultrafast Nonlinear Response of Air Molecules and its Effect on Femtosecond Laser Plasma Filaments in Atmosphere Room: Ballroom DE
Clark, Daniel
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session BI3.00001 Detailed Implosion Modeling of DT-Layered Experiments on the National Ignition Facility Room: Ballroom BC
Cohen, B.I.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session YI3.00003 BOUT Simulations of Drift Resistive Ballooning L-mode Turbulence in the Edge of the DIII-D Tokamak Room: Ballroom BC
Crabtree, Chris
Naval Research Laboratory
Session TI2.00005 Weak Turbulence Effects in Space Plasmas Room: Ballroom DE
Cziegler, I.
Session YI3.00005 Fluctuating Zonal Flows in I-mode in Alcator C-Mod Room: Ballroom BC
Den Hartog, D.J.
Department of Physics and Center for Magnetic Self-Organization in Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Session BI2.00002 Ion energization during magnetic reconnection in the RFP laboratory plasma Room: Ballroom DE
Ding, Weixing
Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Session NI3.00001 Direct Evidence of Magnetic Fluctuation-Driven Intrinsic Flow in a Toroidal Plasma Room: Ballroom BC
Dodin, I.Y.
Session TI2.00001 Quantum physics of classical waves in plasma Room: Ballroom DE
Doeppner, T.
Session NI2.00003 Mix mitigation experiments on cryogenic DT layered implosions on the NIF Room: Ballroom DE
Dollar, F.
University of Michigan
Session UI2.00003 Investigations of High Intensity, High Contrast Laser Solid with Short Pulses Room: Ballroom DE
Doron, Ramy
Faculty of Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science
Session GI3.00002 The structure of a magnetic field propagating through low-resistivity, multi-ion species plasma Room: Ballroom BC
Doveil, Fabrice
Session GI3.00001 Lyman-alpha radiation of a probing metastable hydrogen beam to measure electric fields in diluted fluids and plasmas Room: Ballroom BC
Edwards, J.
Session MR1.00001 Progress Towards Ignition on the National Ignition Facility Room: Ballroom ADE
Egedal, J.
Session BI2.00001 Large-Scale Electron Acceleration by Parallel Electric Fields During Magnetic Reconnection Room: Ballroom DE
Ernst, D.
Session DI3.00004 Nonlinear Upshift of Trapped Electron Mode Critical Density Gradient: Simulation and Experiment Room: Ballroom BC
Ferron, J.R.
General Atomics
Session VI3.00002 Progress Toward Fully Noninductive Discharge Operation in DIII-D Using Off-axis Neutral Beam Injection Room: Ballroom BC
Fiuza, Frederico
GoLP/Instituto de Plasmas e Fusao Nuclear - LA, Instituto Superior Tecnico
Session BI3.00006 Collisionless shocks and particle acceleration in laser-driven laboratory plasmas Room: Ballroom BC
Fletcher, Luke
University of California Berkeley
Session NI2.00005 X-ray Thomson scattering measurements of temperature and density from multi-shocked CH capsules Room: Ballroom DE
Friedman, Brett
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, UCLA
Session TI2.00003 Energy dynamics in a simulation of LAPD turbulence Room: Ballroom DE
Fu, Guoyong
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Session JI2.00003 M3D-K Simulations of Beam-Driven Alfven Modes in DIIID Room: Ballroom DE
Garcia, O.E.
U. Tromso, Norway
Session YI3.00001 Intermittent fluctuations in the Alcator C-Mod scrape-off layer Room: Ballroom BC
Grim, Gary
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Session BI3.00003 Nuclear imaging of implosions at the National Ignition Facility Room: Ballroom BC
Henestroza, Enrique
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Session UI2.00006 The X-Target: A novel high gain target with single-sided heavy-ion beam illumination Room: Ballroom DE
Highcock, E.G.
University of Oxford
Session YI2.00006 Comparison of the Zero Turbulence Manifold with results from the JET and MAST tokamaks Room: Ballroom DE
Hillesheim, J.C.
University of California Los Angeles
Session DI3.00003 Observation of a Critical Gradient Threshold for Electron Temperature Fluctuations in the DIII-D Tokamak Room: Ballroom BC
Howes, Gregory
University of Iowa
Session KI3.00004 Constraints on the Dissipation of Solar Wind Turbulence using Gyrokinetic Simulations Room: Ballroom BC
Huang, Yi-Min
Center for Integrated Computation and Analysis of Reconnection and Turbulence and Center for Magnetic Self-Organization, University of New Hampshire
Session BI2.00005 Plasmoid Instability in High-Lundquist-Number Magnetic Reconnection Room: Ballroom DE
Hughes, J.W.
MIT - Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Session TI3.00003 Advancing the predictive capability for pedestal structure through experiment and modeling Room: Ballroom BC
Izzo, V.A.
Session PI2.00003 Impurity Mixing, Radiation Asymmetry, and Runaway Electron Confinement in MGI Simulations of DIII-D and ITER Room: Ballroom DE
Ji, H.
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Session JT3.00001 Laboratory Study of Fundamental Plasma Processes in Astrophysics: Progress and Opportunities Room: Ballroom BC
Kaehlert, Hanno
Heinrich-Heine Universitaet Duesseldorf
Session GI3.00004 Effective magnetization of the dust particles in a complex plasma Room: Ballroom BC
Keidar, Michael
George Washington University
Session PI2.00005 Cold Atmosphere Plasma in Cancer Therapy Room: Ballroom DE
Kishek, Rami
IREAP, University of Maryland
Session CI2.00001 Ping-Pong Modes and Higher-Periodicity Multipactor Room: Ballroom DE
Kline, J.L.
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Session NI2.00001 Inertial confinement fusion implosions at 500 TW laser drive on NIF Room: Ballroom DE
Knauer, J.
Laboratory for Laser Energetics, U. of Rochester
Session BI3.00004 Neutron Spectroscopy on the National Ignition Facility Room: Ballroom BC
Krauland, Christine
University of Michigan
Session KI3.00002 Radiative Reverse Shock Laser Experiments Relevant to Accretion Processes in Cataclysmic Variables Room: Ballroom BC
Kugland, N.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session KI3.00003 Visualizing electromagnetic fields in laser-produced counterstreaming plasma experiments for collisionless shock laboratory astrophysics Room: Ballroom BC
Kuranz, C.C.
University of Michigan
Session BI3.00005 The evolution of a radiative shock system in a high-energy-density regime Room: Ballroom BC
Lesur, Maxime
Itoh Research Center for Plasma Turbulence, Kyushu University
Session TI2.00004 Nonlinear instabilities driven by coherent phase-space structures Room: Ballroom DE
Liu, Yi-Hsin
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Session BI2.00003 The structure of the magnetic reconnection exhaust boundary Room: Ballroom DE
Majeski, Dick
Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Session GI2.00004 Particle Control and Confinement in the Lithium Tokamak eXperiment (LTX) with Lithium-Coated Walls Room: Ballroom DE
Manuel, Mario
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Session QI3.00003 Measurements of Rayleigh-Taylor-Induced Magnetic Fields in the Linear and Non-linear Regimes Room: Ballroom BC
McBride, R.D.
Sandia National Laboratories
Session QI3.00001 Beryllium liner implosion experiments on the Z accelerator in preparation for Magnetized Liner Inertial Fusion (MagLIF)* Room: Ballroom BC
McKee, G.R.
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Session XR1.00001 Turbulence in Magnetically Confined Plasmas Room: Ballroom ADE
Meezan, N.
Session NI2.00004 Inflight Properties of NIF Ignition Capsules Inferred from Convergent Ablator Experiments Room: Ballroom DE
Michel, D.T.
Laboratory for Laser Energetics, U. of Rochester
Session YI2.00002 Experimental validation of the two-plasmon-decay common-wave process Room: Ballroom DE
Michel, P.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session YI2.00001 Saturation of multi-beams laser plasma interactions by turbulent ion heating Room: Ballroom DE
Moyer, R.A.
Session TI3.00006 Plasma Rotation and Radial Electric Field Response to Resonant Magnetic Perturbations in DIII-D Room: Ballroom BC
Mueller, D.
PPPL and The NSTX Research Team
Session UT3.00001 Physics of Tokamak Plasma Start-up Room: Ballroom BC
Myra, J.R.
Lodestar Reserach Corporation
Session YI3.00002 Edge Sheared Flows and Blob Dynamics Room: Ballroom BC
Nagaoka, Kenichi
National Institute for Fusion Science
Session NI3.00004 3D effects on viscosity and generation of toroidal and poloidal flows in LHD Room: Ballroom BC
Neu, Rudolf
JET-EFDA, Culham Science Centre, OX14 3DB, Abingdon, UK
Session GI2.00002 First Operation with the JET ITER-Like Wall Room: Ballroom DE
Ohia, O.
Session BI2.00004 Demonstration of Anisotropic Fluid Closure Capturing the Kinetic Structure of Magnetic Reconnection Room: Ballroom DE
Olynyk, G.
MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Session PI2.00002 Disruption mitigation experiments with multiple gas jets on Alcator C-Mod Room: Ballroom DE
Pace, D.C.
General Atomics
Session JI2.00005 Energetic Ion Transport and Neutral Beam Current Drive Reduction Due to Microturbulence in Tokamaks Room: Ballroom DE
Pak, Arthur
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session KI3.00001 Supernova dynamics in the laboratory: Radiative shocks produced by ultra-high pressure implosion experiments on the National Ignition Facility Room: Ballroom BC
Palaniyappan, S.
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Session CI2.00005 Dynamics of Relativistic Transparency and Optical Shuttering in Expanding Overdense plasma Room: Ballroom DE
Parker, Scott
University of Colorado, Boulder
Session YI3.00006 Global Gyrokinetic Simulations of the Dominant High-n and Intermediate-n Instabilities in the H-Mode Tokamak Edge Pedestal Room: Ballroom BC
Peterson, K.
Sandia Natonal Laboratories
Session QI3.00002 Experiments and simulations studying electrothermal instabilities in magnetically accelerated implosion systems Room: Ballroom BC
Piovesan, P.
Consorzio RFX
Session NI3.00002 RFX-MOD: A Multi-Configuration Fusion Facility for 3D Physics Studies Room: Ballroom BC
Poli, F.
Session VI3.00003 Heating and current drive requirements for ideal MHD stability and ITB sustainment in ITER steady state scenarios Room: Ballroom BC
Radha, P.B.
Laboratory for Laser Energetics, U. of Rochester
Session NI2.00006 Polar-Drive--Implosion Physics on OMEGA and the NIF Room: Ballroom DE
Ram, Abhay
MIT, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Session JI2.00006 Scattering of waves by blobs in tokamak plasmas: venturing beyond geometric optics Room: Ballroom DE
Reinke, M.L.
MIT - Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Session GI2.00006 Poloidal variation of high-Z impurity density in Alcator C-Mod ICRF-heated plasmas Room: Ballroom DE
Ridgers, Christopher
University of Oxford
Session CI2.00004 Dense Electron-Positron Plasmas Generated by 10PW Lasers in the QED-Plasma Regime Room: Ballroom DE
Roth, Markus
Technical University of Darmstad, Germany
Session YI2.00004 A Bright Neutron Source Driven by a Short Pulse Laser Room: Ballroom DE
Sakai, Osamu
Kyoto University
Session PI2.00006 Novel functional composites of plasmas and metamaterials Room: Ballroom DE
Sangster, T.C.
Session NI2.00002 Improving Cryogenic-DT Implosion Performance on OMEGA Room: Ballroom DE
Satake, Shinsuke
National Institute for Fusion Science
Session NI3.00005 Simulation Study on Neoclassical Poloidal Viscosity in Helical Plasmas Room: Ballroom BC
Sawada, H.
University of California San Diego
Session UI2.00004 Spectra of laser generated relativistic electrons using cone-wire targets Room: Ballroom DE
Schaffner, David
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, UCLA
Session TI2.00002 Observation of improved and degraded confinement with driven flow on the LAPD Room: Ballroom DE
Schlutt, Mark
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Session NI3.00003 Self-consistent simulations of nonlinear MHD and profile evolution in stellarator configurations Room: Ballroom BC
Schmit, Paul
Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Session UI2.00002 New wave effects in nonstationary plasma Room: Ballroom DE
Scotti, F.
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Session GI2.00005 Modifications of impurity transport and divertor sources with lithium wall conditioning in NSTX Room: Ballroom DE
Smith, David
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Session YI3.00004 Assessing low wavenumber pedestal turbulence in NSTX with measurements and simulations Room: Ballroom BC
Srinivasan, Bhuvana
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Session QI3.00004 The mitigating effect of self-generated magnetic field on Rayleigh-Taylor unstable inertial confinement fusion plasmas Room: Ballroom BC
Stangeby, P.C.
University of Toronto
Session GI2.00001 Reduction of Net Erosion of High-Z Divertor Surface by Local Redeposition in DIII-D Room: Ballroom DE
Tharp, Tim
PPPL, Princeton University
Session TI2.00006 Guide Field Effects on Hall Reconnection in a Laboratory Plasma Room: Ballroom DE
Turnbull, A.D.
General Atomics
Session TI3.00005 Comparisons of Linear and Nonlinear Plasma Response Models for Non-Axisymmetric Perturbations Room: Ballroom BC
Tzoufras, M.
UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy
Session YI2.00003 A Novel Multi-Dimensional Vlasov-Fokker-Planck Code for Modeling Electron Transport in High Energy Density Plasmas Room: Ballroom DE
Umstadter, D.
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Session CI2.00006 Bright MeV-energy x-ray beams from a compact all-laser-driven inverse-Compton-scattering source Room: Ballroom DE
Velikovich, A.L.
Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC
Session PT3.00001 Magnetic Flux Compression in Plasmas Room: Ballroom BC
Waltz, R.E.
General Atomics
Session DI3.00002 Search for the Missing L-mode Edge Transport and Possible Breakdown of Gyrokinetics Room: Ballroom BC
Wang, Ge
Institute for Fusion Studies, University of Texas at Austin
Session JI2.00001 Simulation and Theory of Long Range Frequency Sweeping of TAE Modes Room: Ballroom DE
White, A.E.
MIT - Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Session DI3.00001 Multichannel Transport in L-mode and I-mode Plasmas at Alcator C-Mod and Comparison with Gyrokinetic Simulations Room: Ballroom BC
Whyte, D.G.
Session FR1.00001 The role of the boundary plasma in defining the viability of a magnetic fusion reactor: A review Room: Ballroom ADE
Wright, G.M.
Plasma Science and Fusion Center, MIT, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, USA, 02139
Session GI2.00003 Comparison of Tungsten Fuzz Growth in Alcator C-Mod and Linear Plasma Devices Room: Ballroom DE
Wukitch, S.J.
Session VI3.00004 Field-Aligned ICRF Antenna Characterization and Performance in Alcator C-Mod Room: Ballroom BC
Xu, X.Q.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session TI3.00002 Gyro-Landau-Fluid Theory and Simulations of Edge-Localized-Modes Room: Ballroom BC
Zweibel, E.
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Session AR1.00001 One Hundred Years of Cosmic Rays: Going to Extremes Room: Ballroom ADE