Session Index

Session A
  AA. Registration (5:00PM-8:00PM)
  AB. Welcome Reception (6:00-8:00PM)
Session B
  BA. Strings: Theory and Application
  BB. Nano Materials
  BC. Nuclear Physics I
  BD. Physics and Policy
Session C
  CA. Recent Progress in Nuclear Astrophysics
  CB. Strongly Correlated Systems
  CC. Biophysics and Medical Physics
  CD. Advances in Computing
Session D
  DA. Complex Fluids
  DB. Particle Physics I
  DC. Atomic and Molecular Physics
  DD. Advances in Energy
Session E
  EA. Physics at Jefferson Lab
  ED. Mentoring Workshop
Session F
  FB. Executive Committee Meeting
  FD. SESAPS Business Meeting
Session G
  GA. Biological Physics and Biomechanics
  GB. New Developments in Physics Education
  GC. Condensed Matter Physics/Nanophysics I
  GD. The 100th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Atomic Nucleus: A historical reflection of nuclear science in the Southeast
Session H
  HA. Gravitation
  HB. Statistical and Nonlinear Physics I
  HC. Medical Physics: Improving Health, Saving Lives
  HD. Neutrinos
Session J
  JA. Astrophysics
  JB. Relativistic Heavy Ions at RHIC and LHC
  JC. Nuclear Physics II
  JD. Statistical Physics Far from Equilibrium
Session K
  KA. Superconductivity: 100th Anniversary
  KD. Panel Discussion: The Under-Represented Majority
Session L
  LA. Poster Session (6:00PM-8:00PM)
Session M
  MA. Banquet
Session N
  NA. Opportunities at National Labs and User Facilities in the SESAPS Area
  NB. Particle Physics II
  NC. Nanoscale Optics
  ND. Astronomy
Session P
  PA. Physics Education
  PB. Statistical and Nonlinear Physics II
  PC. Condensed Matter Physics/Nanophysics II
  PD. Particle Physics at the LHC

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