Volume 54, Number 16. Copyright (c) 2009 American Physical Society

Using BAPS

All links for using the BAPS are listed to the left.

Login/Create Account - Optional

You do not have to create an account to view any BAPS information. Creating an account allows you to use the Personal Scheduler. With an account, you can create a schedule, print it, have it emailed to you, and save schedules from multiple annual meetings (e.g., April and DPP Meetings).


Epitome lists meeting sessions by date, time, and location. The Epitome also includes sponsoring units and invited speakers.

Author Index

Author Index allows you to browse through the author list alphabetically or search for an author by name.

Session Index

Session Index organizes abstracts by session time.

• Viewing Abstracts. When you click an abstract in the Sessions Index, you may see unexpected symbols. To view the formatted abstract, click Preview Abstract.

• Sponsoring Units. The drop down menu at the bottom of the Session Index page will sort sessions by sponsoring units.

Personal Scheduler

Personal Scheduler allows you to create a schedule of presentations and events that you want to attend. You may also add personal appointments.

Withdrawing Abstracts

If you are an author and wish to withdraw your abstract from the BAPS, please notify us by email.


If have any problem using the BAPS, or would like to pass on any comments or suggestions regarding the functionality of the BAPS, please email us. We appreciate your input.

Meeting PDFs

Since they are printed in advance, PDF's of meeting information and the BAPS are not as up-to-date as these web pages or the meeting pages on APS, which are updated regularly. We strongly recommend that you use the BAPS or APS website to check session or meeting information.