Invited Speakers

Beaulieu, Leah
Joppatowne High School
Session H1.00001 Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Studies at the High School Level--And Interdisciplinary Approach Room: Dimick Hall Auditorium
Brown, Randy
U32 High School
Session J1.00001 Teaching about Robotics with Lego NXT Room: Smith Hall 219
Cherner, Yakov E.
Session J2.00001 Using Interactive Simulation-based Virtual Laboratories for Teaching Physics and Technology Room: Smith Hall 223
Dasey, Tim
Biodefense Systems Group, MIT
Session G1.00001 Tacticalo Systems and Homeland Protection Room: Dimick Hall Auditorium
Lugisland, John
NumerEX Corporation
Session C1.00001 Simulating Directed Energy Devices: Advancing Technology to Protect the Homeland at the Speed of Light Room: Dimick Hall Auditorium
McKinnsey, Daniel
Yale University
Session A1.00001 Gamma Ray Detection Room: Dimick Hall Auditorium
Schaab, Michael
Maine Maritime Academy
Session K2.00001 Determining the Temperature of an Incandescent Light Bulb Room: Smith Hall 223
Schmitt, Harrison
Former U.S. Senator and Apollo Astronaut
Session E1.00001 A Trip to the Moon and Beyond
Sharp, Lara
Pasco Corp.
Session K1.00001 Using the digital GLX datalogger in lab and lecture Room: Smith Hall 219