Session F3: Undergraduate Research - Society of Physics Students IV

8:00 AM–10:36 AM, Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Room: 107

Sponsoring Unit: SPS
Chair: Crystal Bailey, American Physical Society

Abstract ID: BAPS.2014.MAR.F3.13

Abstract: F3.00013 : Scanning capacitance microscopy using a relaxation oscillator

10:24 AM–10:36 AM

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  Marie Pahlmeyer
    (Seattle University)

  Andrew Hankins
    (Seattle University)

  Sam Tuppan
    (Seattle University)

  Woo-Joong Kim
    (Seattle University)

We have performed scanning capacitance microscopy using a relaxation oscillator. Calibrations using precision capacitors indicate a sensitivity on the order of 0.05 pF, stabilizing in under 0.1s. Surface topography of metallic structures, such as machined grooves and coins, can be readily obtained either in the constant-height (non-contact) or tapping (contact) mode. Spatial resolution of sub-50 $\mu$ micron has been achieved.

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