Session T17: Focus Session: Electron, Ion, and Exciton Transport in Nanostructures - Quantum Transport II

2:30 PM–5:18 PM, Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Room: 252A

Sponsoring Unit: DMP
Chair: Dibyendu Roy, University of Cincinnati

Abstract ID: BAPS.2012.MAR.T17.13

Abstract: T17.00013 : Dependence of Conductance Resonanoces and Modulations on Channel Length in Asymmetric Quantum Point Contacts (QPCs)

4:54 PM–5:06 PM

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  Hao Zhang
    (Duke University)

  Phillip Wu
    (Lund University)

  Albert Chang
    (Duke University)

Transport features below $2e^2/h$ show resonance peaks in highly asymmetric QPCs. As we increace the channel length, the number of peaks observable also increases. We characterize the number of peaks and/or oscillations as a function of channel length, when the QPC is tuned to or below the first quantum channel. The the number of peaks/oscillations appears to increase on average as the channel length increases. In addition, we find preliminary evidence that there is a correspondence between the resonance peaks and the zero-bias anomaly(ZBA) in the differential conductance. These behaviors are consistent with an interpretation based on the formation of quasi-bound-states within the QPC channel in the single-mode limit.

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