Session G1: Physics Community Outreach: The Kitchen as a Lab

8:00 PM–9:30 PM, Monday, February 27, 2012
Room: 253AB

Sponsoring Unit: DCMP
Chair: Allan MacDonald, University of Texas at Austin

Abstract ID: BAPS.2012.MAR.G1.1

Abstract: G1.00001 : The Kitchen as a Lab

8:00 PM–9:30 PM

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  Ferran Adria
    (World-famous Chef)

  Jose Andres
    (World-famous Chef)

  Michael P. Brenner
    (Harvard University)

Provocative world-famous Chef Ferran Adria, often associated with originating the modernist cuisine movement, and Washington DC chef Jose Andres, credited with bring the ``small plates" movement to North America, will discuss their views on the creative preparation of food with unexpected contrasts of flavor, temperature, and texture. Their discussion will be followed by a talk by Michael P. Brenner, a professor of applied mathematics, who (along with physics professor David A. Weitz) teaches a course at Harvard University on science and cooking. Come learn about the science and the art of food preparation!

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