Recommended Sessions for Undergraduate Students

Feb 27 2012 8:00AM, Monday

Session A2 Invited Session: Teaching Quantum Information Science at Liberal Arts College Sponsor: GQI FEd Chair: Ian Durham, Saint Anselm College Room: 204AB
Invited Speakers:  Benjamin Schumacher,  Michael Westmoreland,  William Wootters,  Enrique Galvez 

Session A37 Research Collaboration between Mentors and Undergraduate Students Sponsor: FEd SPS Chair: Richard Peterson, Bethel University Room: 108

Feb 27 2012 11:15AM, Monday

Session B2 Invited Session: Science Diplomacy: Africa and the Middle East Sponsor: FIP Chair: William Barletta, USPAS/Massachusetts Institute of Technology Room: 204AB
Invited Speakers:  Christine Darve,  Herman Winick,  Omer Yavas,  Mulugeta Bekele 

Session B20 Invited Session: Astronomy's Detectors and Physics Education Sponsor: FEd FIAP Chair: James Beletic, Teledyne Imaging Sensors Room: 253C
Invited Speakers:  James Beletic,  Vyshnavi Suntharalingam,  George Ricker,  Zoran Ninkov 

Session B37 SPS Undergraduate Research I Sponsor: SPS Chair: Crystal Bailey, APS Room: 108

Feb 27 2012 2:30PM, Monday

Session D27 Invited Session: Materials for Energy Applications Sponsor: DMP GERA Chair: Robert Nemanich, Arizona State University Room: 258AB
Invited Speakers:  Michael Wasielewski,  Edward Yu,  Nicholas Melosh 

Session D37 SPS Undergraduate Research II Sponsor: SPS Chair: Gary White, SPS/AIP Room: 108

Feb 27 2012 6:45PM, Monday

Session F1 APS Welcome Reception Room: Ballroom East

Feb 27 2012 8:00PM, Monday

Session G1 Physics Community Outreach: The Kitchen as a Lab Sponsor: DCMP Chair: Allan MacDonald, University of Texas at Austin Room: 253AB

Feb 28 2012 8:00AM, Tuesday

Session H2 Invited Session: Novel and Proven Methods of Communicating Science to the Public Sponsor: FPS FEd Chair: Brian Schwartz, Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center of CUNY Room: 204AB
Invited Speakers:  Debra Wise,  Odd Todd,  Flash Rosenberg,  John Durant,  Terry Bristol 

Session H26 Focus Session: Friction, Fracture and Deformation Across Length Scales - Friction Across Length Scales Sponsor: DCOMP GSNP Chair: Izabela Szlufarska, University of Wisconsin Room: 257B
Invited Speakers:  David L. Goldsby 
 H26.00001 Rock Friction from the Nanoscale to the San Andreas Fault

Session H36 Focus Session: Environment II: Green Processes Sponsor: DCP Chair: Ilja Siepmann, University of Minnesota, Don Baer, Pacific Northwest Research Laboratory, and James Hutchinson, University of Oregon Room: 107C
Invited Speakers:  James Hutchison,  Dermot Diamond 
 H36.00001 Using Molecular Simulation to Develop New Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications

Session H37 SPS Undergraduate Research III Sponsor: SPS Chair: Gary White, AIP/SPS Room: 108

Feb 28 2012 11:15AM, Tuesday

Session J2 Invited Session: K-12 Science Education: Closing the Gap with the Leading Nations Sponsor: FEd Chair: Paul Cottle, Florida State University Room: 204AB
Invited Speakers:  George DeBoer,  Arthur Eisenkraft,  Gay Stewart,  Philip Sadler 

Session J20 Invited Session: Sexual and Gender Diversity Issues in Physics Sponsor: COM CSWP Chair: Savannah Garmon, University of Toronto Room: 253C
Invited Speakers:  Susan Rankin,  Janice Hicks,  Elena Long,  Theodore Hodapp 

Session J37 SPS Undergraduate Research IV Sponsor: SPS Chair: Peter Muhoro, American Physical Society Room: 108

Feb 28 2012 2:00PM, Tuesday

Session K1 Poster Session II (2:00-5:00PM) Room: Exhibit Hall C

Feb 28 2012 2:30PM, Tuesday

Session L2 Invited Session: Andrei Sakharov Prize Session Sponsor: DPB FIP Chair: W. Barletta, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Room: 204AB
Invited Speakers:  Robert Cahn,  Tatiana Yankelevich,  Yousef Makdisi 

Session L20 Invited Session: STEM Outreach to Underrepresented Communities Sponsor: CSWP COM Chair: Richard Peterson, Bethel University Room: 253C
Invited Speakers:  Stephen McGuire,  Kevin Hewitt,  Cristina Torres,  Kevin Schindler 

Session L37 Informal Education and Public Outreach - Policy Questions Sponsor: FEd Chair: Gary White, SPS/AIP Room: 108

Session L52 Focus Session: Extreme Mechanics - Origami, Creasing, and Folding Sponsor: GSNP DFD Chair: Ross Hatton, Carnegie Mellon University Room: 153C
Invited Speakers:  Erik Demaine 

Feb 28 2012 8:00PM, Tuesday

Session N1 The IBM Computer Watson: Its Future Challenges After Winning at Jeopardy Chair: James Wynne, IBM Research Headquarters Room: 253 ABC
Invited Speakers:  David McQueeney 

Feb 29 2012 8:00AM, Wednesday

Session P41 Drops, Bubbles and Interfacial Fluid Mechanics Sponsor: DFD Chair: Kripa Varanasi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Room: 156B

Session P43 Invited Session: High Content Biophysical Data for Dynamic Studies in Cancer Sponsor: DBIO Chair: Larry Nagahara, National Cancer Institute Room: 157AB
Invited Speakers:  Nongjian Tao,  Seok-Hyun (Andy) Yun,  Stephen Wong,  Peter Kuhn 

Feb 29 2012 11:15AM, Wednesday

Session Q19 Invited Session: The Scientific Legacy of Edward Purcell (1912-2012) Sponsor: FHP Chair: Gerald Holton, Harvard University Room: 253AB
Invited Speakers:  Nicolaas Bloembergen,  Doc Ewen,  Howard Berg,  Richard Garwin,  John Rigden 

Session Q37 Focus Session: Students, Physics and Innovation Sponsor: FIAP FEd Chair: Randy Tagg, University of Colorado Denver Room: 108
Invited Speakers: 

Feb 29 2012 2:30PM, Wednesday

Session T10 Invited Session: Earth-Abundant Materials for Critical Technologies Sponsor: DMP Chair: Phillip Duxbury, Michigan State University Room: 210A
Invited Speakers:  R.W. McCallum,  Daniel Nocera,  Seth Coe-Sullivan 

Session T19 Kavli Foundation Special Session: Emergent Physics at the Mesoscale Sponsor: APS Chair: Kate Kirby, American Physical Society Room: Ballroom East
Invited Speakers:  R.B. Laughlin,  William Bialek,  George Whitesides 

Session T41 Swimming, Motility and Locomotion Sponsor: DFD Chair: Paolo Arratia, University of Pennsylvania Room: 156B

Feb 29 2012 7:30PM, Wednesday

Session U60 ``Trends" in the APS Publication Physics Chair: Samindranath Mitra, American Physical Society Room: Westin Boston Waterfront Grand Ballroom A/B
Invited Speakers:  Gerrit Bauer,  Raymond Goldstein 

Mar 1 2012 8:00AM, Thursday

Session V43 Invited Session: Entrepreneurship - The Quest for Start-Up Success Based on Research Advances Sponsor: FEd FGSA Chair: John M. Newsam, Windhover Ventures LLC Room: 157AB
Invited Speakers:  Lawrence Bock,  Eric Mazur,  Daniel Colbert,  Robert Brown 

Session V52 Focus Session: Extreme Mechanics - Biological Systems and Structures Sponsor: GSNP DFD Chair: Jacy Bird, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Room: 153C
Invited Speakers:  Nicholas Fang 

Mar 1 2012 11:15AM, Thursday

Session W20 Invited Session: Nuclear Power, One Year After Fukushima Sponsor: FPS FIP DCMP Chair: David Wright, Union of Concerned Scientists Room: 253C
Invited Speakers:  Akira Omoto,  Stephen Kuczynski,  Edwin Lyman,  Yun Zhou 

Mar 1 2012 2:30PM, Thursday

Session X2 Invited Session: History of Metrology and Today's Frontiers of Measurement Sponsor: FHP Chair: Richard Davis, BIPM Room: 204AB
Invited Speakers:  Terry Quinn,  Howard Layer,  Richard Steiner 

Session X20 Invited Session: Physics of Color Reflective Displays Sponsor: FIAP Chair: Gary Gibson, Hewlett Packard - Palo Alto Room: 253C
Invited Speakers:  Jason Heikenfeld,  Gary Gibson,  Andre Arsenault,  Asad Khan,  Brian Gally 

Session X27 Invited Session: Physics for Everyone: Innovative Materials for Energy Sponsor: DMP DCMP Chair: David Cahill, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champain Room: 258AB
Invited Speakers:  Arun Majumdar,  Tom Jarvi,  Frank van Mierlo,  Michael Raab,  Eric D. Wachsman