Session X30: Bionanotechnology

2:30 PM–5:42 PM, Thursday, March 18, 2010
Room: D139

Sponsoring Unit: FIAP
Chair: Raghuveer Parthasarathy, University of Oregon

Abstract ID: BAPS.2010.MAR.X30.7

Abstract: X30.00007 : Effect of Carbon Nanotubes on Mammalian Cells

3:42 PM–3:54 PM

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  Michelle Chen
  Asma Ahmed
  Melanie Black
  Nicole Kawamoto
  Jessica Lucas
  Armie Pagala
  Tram Pham
  Sara Stankiewicz
    (Simmons College)

  Howard Chen
    (Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School)

Carbon Nanotubes possess extraordinary electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties. Research on applying the carbon nanotubes for ultrasensitive detection, disease diagnosis, and drug delivery is rapidly developing. While the fundamental and technological findings on carbon nanotubes show great promise, it is extremely important to investigate the effect of the carbon nanotubes on human health. In our experiments, we introduce purified carbon nanotubes in suspension to ovary cells cultured from Hamsters. These cells are chosen since they show robust morphological changes associated with cytotoxicity that can easily be observed under a light microscope. We will discuss the toxicity of carbon nanotubes by characterizing the cell morphology and viability as a function of time and the concentration of carbon nanotube suspension.

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