Session S1: Poster Session III (1:00 pm - 4:00 pm)

1:00 PM–1:00 PM, Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Room: Exhibit CD

Abstract ID: BAPS.2010.MAR.S1.192

Abstract: S1.00192 : Two -- phase direct simulation of remediation of snow drifting around buildings in three dimensions

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  E. Maldonado
    (University of Northern Iowa)

  M.W. Roth
    (University of Northern Iowa)

We present the results of two - phase numerical simulations of controlling snow drifting around buildings in three dimensions with deflection fins. The first phase involves numerical calculation of the air velocity profile around the building and fin using a velocity -- pressure Navier -- Stokes solver, while the second phase involves direct classical simulation of snowfall with particle - particle interactions introduced to control clumping and drifting. We are able to consider deflection fins having novel shapes as well as the effect of crosswinds.

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