Session B30: High Pressure I

11:15 AM–2:15 PM, Monday, March 15, 2010
Room: D139

Sponsoring Unit: DMP
Chair: Javier Antonio Montoya, Carnegie Institution of Washington

Abstract ID: BAPS.2010.MAR.B30.12

Abstract: B30.00012 : Metallic nitrogen at high pressure and temperature

1:27 PM–1:39 PM

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  Brian Boates
    (Dalhousie University)

  Stanimir Bonev
    (Dalhousie University, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

A polymeric, metallic phase of solid nitrogen is predicted at high pressure and temperature from first principles. The structure is found using a novel approach that makes use of structural information from simulations of liquid nitrogen in an effort to incorporate already known finite-temperature behavior. We have determined the finite-temperature phase boundaries of several competitive phases and report results for the conductivity of both solid and liquid nitrogen. Routes for experimental detection of the new structures are proposed.

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