Session B38: Focus Session: Bioinstrumentation and Biophotonic Technologies

11:15 AM–2:15 PM, Monday, March 5, 2007
Colorado Convention Center Room: 501

Sponsoring Units: GIMS DBP
Chair: Andreas Mandelis, University of Toronto

Abstract ID: BAPS.2007.MAR.B38.1

Abstract: B38.00001 : Fourier-Domain Biophotoacoustic Sub-surface Depth Selective Amplitude and Phase Imaging of Turbid Phantoms and Biological Tissue

11:15 AM–11:51 AM

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  Sergey Telenkov
    (Imaging Diagnostic Systems, Inc.)

A novel photothermoacoustic imaging modality utilizing a frequency-swept (chirped) intensity-modulated laser source and coherent frequency domain signal processing (``biophotoacoustics'') was introduced for non-invasive imaging of biological tissues. The developed frequency-domain imaging system takes advantage of linear frequency modulation waveforms to relate depth of tissue chromophores to the frequency spectrum of the detected acoustic response and of a narrow signal detection bandwidth to improve signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Application of frequency-domain photothermoacoustic (FD-PTA) imaging was demonstrated using turbid phantoms and ex-vivo specimens of chicken breast with embedded absorbing inclusions simulating tumors.

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