Session R40: Focus Session: Pathways to Practical Quantum Computing II

2:30 PM–5:30 PM, Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Baltimore Convention Center Room: 343

Sponsoring Units: DCOMP TGQI
Chair: Juan Pablo Paz, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Abstract ID: BAPS.2006.MAR.R40.7

Abstract: R40.00007 : Polarization Requirements for Ensemble Implementations of Quantum Algorithms with a Single Bit Output

4:06 PM–4:18 PM

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  Brandon Anderson
    (University of Texas at Dallas)

  David Collins
    (Bucknell University)

We compare the failure probabilities of ensemble implementations of quantum algorithms which use pseudo-pure initial states, quantified by their polarization, to those of competing classical probabilistic algorithms. Specifically we consider a class algorithms which require only one bit to output the solution to problems. For large ensemble sizes, we present a general scheme to determine a critical polarization beneath which the quantum algorithm fails with greater probability than its classical competitor. We apply this to the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm to determine the critical polarization.

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