Session A29: Experimental Techniques in Biophysics

8:00 AM–11:00 AM, Monday, March 13, 2006
Baltimore Convention Center Room: 326

Sponsoring Unit: DBP
Chair: J. P. Landry, University of California, Davis

Abstract ID: BAPS.2006.MAR.A29.1

Abstract: A29.00001 : The healing mechanism for excited molecules near metallic surfaces

8:00 AM–8:12 AM

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  B. Barbiellini
    (Northeastern U.)

  P.M. Platzman
    (Bell Labs)

Radiation damage prevents the ability to obtain images from individual molecules. We suggest that this problem can be avoided for organic molecules by placing them in close proximity with a metallic surface. The molecules will then quickly dissipate any electronic excitation via their coupling to the metal surface. They may therefore be observed for a number of elastic scattering events that is sufficient to determine their structure.\\ \mbox{[1] B. Barbiellni and P. M. Platzman, cond-mat/0506403}

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