Invited Speakers

Albert, Felicie
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session PI3.00003 Precision Laser and Linac Technologies for Nuclear Photonics Gamma-Ray Sources Room: Ballroom AC
Allain, J.P.
Session PI2.00006 Deuterium retention enhancement in lithiated graphite plasma-facing surfaces in fusion devices Room: Ballroom BD
Banerjee, Sudeep
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Session UI2.00006 Generation, and applications of stable, 100-500-MeV, dark-current-free beams, from a laser-wakefield accelerator Room: Ballroom BD
Benisti, Didier
CEA, DAM, DIF, F-91297 Arpajon, France
Session KI3.00004 Nonlinear kinetic modeling of stimulated Raman scattering Room: Ballroom AC
Bertsche, William
Swansea University
Session PI3.00001 Antihydrogen formation by autoresonant excitation of antiproton plasmas Room: Ballroom AC
Boivin, Rejean
General Atomics
Session LE2.00003 Room: Ballroom BD
Boozer, A.H.
Columbia University
Session UT3.00001 Physics of Tokamak Disruption Simulations Room: Ballroom AC
Boswell, Rod
Australian National University
Session GI2.00004 Helicon mysteries: fitting a plane wave into a cylinder Room: Ballroom BD
Burrell, K.H.
Session YI2.00001 Neoclassical Toroidal Viscosity from Non-Axisymmetric Magnetic Fields Allows ELM-free, Quiescent H-mode Operation in DIII-D under Reactor-relevant Conditions Room: Ballroom BD
Buttery, R.J.
Session JI2.00006 Tearing Under Stress--The Collusion of 3D Fields and Resistivity in Low Torque H-modes Room: Ballroom BD
Callahan, D.
Session BI3.00002 The Velocity Campaign for Ignition on NIF Room: Ballroom AC
Casey, D.
Session NI3.00005 Anomalous DD and TT yields relative to the DT yield in inertial-confinement-fusion implosions Room: Ballroom AC
Celliers, P.M.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session BI3.00004 Precision Shock Timing Measurements to set the Fuel Adiabat in Ignition Implosions Room: Ballroom AC
Charles, Christine
The Australian National University
Session GI2.00002 Electric double layers and their applications to astrophysical objects and electric propulsion Room: Ballroom BD
Collins, T.J.B.
Laboratory for Laser Energetics, U. of Rochester
Session KI3.00002 Preparing for Polar Drive at the National Ignition Facility Room: Ballroom AC
Del-Castillo-Negrete, D.
Session JI2.00003 Local and Nonlocal Parallel Heat Transport in General Magnetic Fields Room: Ballroom BD
Diallo, A.
Session PI2.00003 H-mode Pedestal Evolution in ELMy and ELM-free discharges in NSTX Room: Ballroom BD
Dorf, M.
Session PI3.00004 Enhanced collective focusing of intense neutralized ion beam pulses in the presence of weak solenoidal magnetic fields Room: Ballroom AC
Dorfman, S.
Session GI3.00004 Highly localized, fully 3-D disruptions of the reconnection layer in the Magnetic Reconnection Experiment Room: Ballroom AC
Dubin, Daniel
Univ. of California, San Diego
Session CI2.00003 Enhanced Superbanana Transport Caused by Chaotic Scattering across an Asymmetric Separatrix Room: Ballroom BD
Eidietis, N.W.
Session VI3.00001 Control of Post-disruption Runaway Electron Beams in the DIII-D Tokamak Room: Salt Place Convention Center Ballroom AC
Fajans, Joel
U.C. Berkeley
Session AR1.00001 Review of Plasma Techniques Used to Trap Antihydrogen Room: Ballroom A-D
Fernsler, Richard
Naval Research Laboratory
Session GI2.00005 Radio-Frequency Plasma Probes Room: Ballroom BD
Ferraro, N.M.
Oak Ridge Institute for Science Education/General Atomics
Session JI2.00002 Calculation of Linear Two-Fluid Plasma Response to Applied Non-Axisymmetric Fields Room: Ballroom BD
Fiore, C.L.
MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Session TI2.00004 Production of Internal Transport Barriers via self-generated flows in Alcator C-Mod Room: Ballroom BD
Fox, W.
Session YI3.00004 Fast Magnetic Reconnection in High-Energy-Density Laser-Produced Plasmas Room: Ballroom AC
Gerhardt, S.P.
Session YI2.00002 Developing the Core Physics Scenarios For Next Step STs Room: Ballroom BD
Glenzer, S.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session BI3.00001 Cryogenic thermonuclear fuel implosions on the National Ignition Facility Room: Ballroom AC
Gottscho, Richard
Lam Research
Session MR1.00001 Plasma Etching - The Challenges Ahead in Enabling Nanoelectronics Room: Ballroom A-D
Greenfield, Charles
USBPO Director
Session LE2.00004 Room: Ballroom BD
Grierson, B.A.
Session NI2.00005 Measurements of the Deuterium Ion Toroidal Rotation in the DIII-D Tokamak and Comparison to Neoclassical Theory Room: Ballroom BD
Guttenfelder, W.
Session TI2.00006 Simulation of microtearing turbulence in NTSX and scaling with collisionality Room: Ballroom BD
Hansen, S.
Sandia National Laboratories
Session NI3.00001 Investigating ICF target conditions through spectroscopy Room: Ballroom AC
Harvey-Thompson, A.J.
Imperial College London
Session NI3.00003 Thomson scattering measurements of cylindrical wire array parameters Room: Ballroom AC
Hegelich, B.M.
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Session UI2.00004 Towards Extreme Field Physics: Relativistic Optics and Particle Acceleration in the Transparent-Overdense Regime Room: Ballroom BD
Hegna, C.C.
U. Wisc-Madison
Session VI3.00004 Healing of magnetic islands in stellarators by plasma flow Room: Salt Place Convention Center Ballroom AC
Hicks, D.G.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session BI3.00003 NIF Convergent Ablator Performance Measurements Room: Ballroom AC
Hohenberger, M.
Session YI3.00002 Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions with Seeded Magnetic Fields on OMEGA Room: Ballroom AC
Igumenshchev, I.V.
Session YI3.00001 Crossed-Beam Energy Transfer in Direct-Drive Implosions Room: Ballroom AC
Jaworski, M.
Session GI2.00003 Effect of non-Maxwellian Electron Energy Distributions on Langmuir Probe Measurements and Heat Transmission in Tokamak Divertor Sheaths Room: Ballroom BD
Jones, O.
Session KI3.00001 A High-Resolution Integrated Model of the NIC Cryogenic Layered Experiments Room: Ballroom AC
Joseph, I.
Session PI2.00004 Theory of the generation of non-axisymmetric scrape-off-layer perturbations for controlling tokamak edge plasma profiles and stability Room: Ballroom BD
Kesner, J.
Session BI2.00001 Laboratory Dipole Plasma Physics Room: Ballroom BD
Killian, Thomas
Rice University
Session BI2.00006 Ion Acoustic Waves in Ultracold Neutral Plasmas Room: Ballroom BD
King, Jacob
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Session JI2.00004 First-order FLR effects on magnetic tearing and relaxation in pinch configurations Room: Ballroom BD
Landreman, Matt
MIT Plasma Science \& Fusion Center
Session NI2.00002 Flow, current, and electric field in omnigenous stellarators Room: Ballroom BD
Leconte, Michael
Session CI2.00006 Effect of Resonant Magnetic Perturbations on secondary structures in Drift-Wave turbulence Room: Ballroom BD
Loureiro, Nuno
Instituto de Plasmas e Fusao Nuclear
Session DI3.00001 Magnetic Reconnection in high-Lundquist-number plasmas Room: Ballroom AC
Makowski, M.A.
Session PI2.00005 Analysis of a Multi-Machine Database on Divertor Heat Fluxes Room: Ballroom BD
Malka, Victor
Laboratoire d'Optique Appliqu\'ee, ENSTA Paris Tech - CNRS - Ecole Polytechnique, 91761 Palaiseau, France
Session XR1.00001 Laser Plasma Accelerators Room: Ballroom A-D
Malkov, Mikhail
Session DI3.00003 On the Mechanism for Breaks in the Cosmic Ray Spectrum Room: Ballroom AC
Manheimer, Wallace
RSI Corporation, Lanham, Md
Session YI3.00003 Nonlocal electron energy transport and flux inhibition in laser produced plasmas in one and two dimensions Room: Ballroom AC
Marmar, E.S.
Session YI2.00003 Pedestal and Transport Properties of Steady-state I-mode Plasmas over Expanded Operational Space in Alcator C-Mod Room: Ballroom BD
Mason, Joanne
University of Chicago
Session GI3.00005 Numerical Simulations of Strong Incompressible Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence Room: Ballroom AC
Mattsson, Thomas R.
Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM 87185, USA
Session TI3.00004 Dynamic compression of water to 700 GPa: single- and double shock experiments on Sandia's Z machine, first principles simulations, and structure of water planets Room: Ballroom AC
Maurer, D.A.
Columbia University
Session JI2.00005 High Resolution Detection and Excitation of Resonant Magnetic Perturbations in a Wall-Stabilized Tokamak Room: Ballroom BD
McGuffey, C.
Session UI2.00005 High Flux Spatially Coherent X-ray Generation from Laser Wakefield Accelerators Room: Ballroom BD
McKenna, Paul
University of Strathclyde
Session UI2.00003 Effect of Lattice Structure on Energetic Electron Transport in Solids Irradiated by Ultraintense Laser Pulses Room: Ballroom BD
Mordijck, S.
The College of William and Mary
Session CI2.00002 Particle Transport Modification Due to Resonant Magnetic Perturbations on the DIII-D Tokamak Room: Ballroom BD
Morfill, Gregor
Max-Planck-Institut f\"ur extraterrestrische Physik
Session SR1.00001 Dusty Plasmas - Kinetic Studies of Strong Coupling Phenomena Room: Ballroom A-D
Moser, Auna
Session DI3.00002 Experimental observation of instability cascade from ideal MHD to kinetic scale culminating in magnetic reconnection Room: Ballroom AC
Park, G.
National Fusion Research Institute, Korea, and CPES, USA
Session CI2.00004 Kinetic Understanding of RMP Penetration and Pedestal Transport in Diverted Tokamak Geometry Room: Ballroom BD
Parra, F.I.
Associa\c{c}ao EURATOM/IST, Inst de Plasmas e Fusao Nuclear, Portugal
Session NI2.00001 Turbulent momentum transport in tokamaks Room: Ballroom BD
Paz-Soldan, Carlos
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Session JI2.00001 Stabilization of the Resistive Wall Mode and Error Field Reduction by a Rotating Conducting Wall Room: Ballroom BD
Peterson, J.L.
Session TI2.00003 Suppressing Electron Turbulence and Triggering Internal Transport Barriers with Reversed Magnetic Shear in the National Spherical Torus Experiment Room: Ballroom BD
Ping, Y.
Session UI2.00002 Ultra-relativistic laser-plasma interaction and beyond Room: Ballroom BD
Prisbrey, S.T.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session TI3.00001 Plasma Gradient Piston: a new approach to precision pulse shaping Room: Ballroom AC
Rasmussen, D.A.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Session LE2.00002 Room: Ballroom BD
Ren, Y.
Session TI2.00002 Experimental Study of Parametric Dependence of Electron-gyro Scale Turbulence on NSTX Room: Ballroom BD
Rice, J.E.
Plasma Science Fusion Center, MIT
Session NI2.00006 Rotation Reversal and Energy Confinement Saturation in Alcator C-Mod Ohmic L-mode Plasmas: A Novel Transport Bifurcation Room: Ballroom BD
Root, Seth
Sandia National Laboratories
Session TI3.00003 Shock Compression of Liquid Noble Gases to Multi-Mbar Pressures Room: Ballroom AC
Ross, James
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session TI3.00006 Studying astrophysical collisionless shocks with high-power laser experiments Room: Ballroom AC
Samukawa, Seiji
Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University
Session GI2.00001 Damage-free Neutral Beam Etching, Deposition and Surface Modification Processes for Novel Nano-scale Devices Room: Ballroom BD
Schmitt, J.C.
University of Wisconsin
Session VI3.00003 3-D Equilibrium Reconstruction in the HSX Stellarator Room: Salt Place Convention Center Ballroom AC
Schmitz, L.
Session PI2.00002 Predator-Prey Oscillations and Zonal Flow-Induced Turbulence Suppression Preceding the L-H Transition Room: Ballroom BD
Sheridan, T.E.
Ohio Northern University
Session BI2.00004 Symmetry-breaking transitions in dusty plasma clusters Room: Ballroom BD
Smith, Raymond
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session TI3.00005 Ramp Compression of Carbon above 50 Mbar on NIF Room: Ballroom AC
Snipes, Joseph
ITER Organization
Session LE2.00001 Room: Ballroom BD
Snyder, P.B.
General Atomics
Session CI2.00005 The EPED Pedestal Model: Gyrokinetic Extensions, Experimental Tests, and Application to ELM-suppressed Regimes Room: Ballroom BD
Spears, B.K.
Session BI3.00006 The simulation basis for cryogenic layered implosion experiments on the National Ignition Facility Room: Ballroom AC
Spence, E.
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Session DI3.00004 A Magnetically Induced Spiral Instability in the Princeton MRI Experiment Room: Ballroom AC
Stoltzfus-Dueck, T.
IPP Garching
Session PI2.00001 Transport-driven toroidal rotation in the tokamak edge Room: Ballroom BD
Taylor, N.Z.
Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Session GI3.00006 Reduction of Large-scale Turbulence and Optimization of Flows in the Madison Dynamo Experiment Room: Ballroom AC
TenBarge, Jason
University of Iowa
Session GI3.00002 Gyrokinetic Simulations of Solar Wind Turbulence Room: Ballroom AC
Terry, P.W.
University of Wisconsin - Madison, Madison, WI
Session GI3.00001 Dissipation Range Turbulent Cascades in Plasmas Room: Ballroom AC
Thomas, D.M.
General Atomics
Session CT3.00001 Beams, Brightness and Background --- Using Active Spectroscopy Techniques for Precision Measurements in Fusion Plasma Research Room: Ballroom AC
Turco, F.
Session YI2.00004 Sensitivity of Transport and Stability to the Current Profile in Steady-state Scenario Plasmas in DIII-D Room: Ballroom BD
Tuszewski, M.
Session YI3.00006 A New High Performance Field-Reversed Configuration Operating Regime in the C-2 Device Room: Ballroom AC
Villani, Cedric
Professeur de l'Universite de Lyon, Directeur de l'Institut Henri Poincare
Session QT3.00001 Landau damping Room: Ballroom AC
Vincena, S.
UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy
Session BI2.00002 Laboratory realization of an ion-ion hybrid Alfv\'{e}n wave resonator Room: Ballroom BD
Vinko, S.M.
Session PI3.00002 The Creation and Diagnosis of Hot Solid-Density Plasmas with an X-ray Free-Electron Laser Room: Ballroom AC
Wallace, G.M.
Session YI2.00006 Lower hybrid current drive at high density in the multi-pass regime Room: Ballroom BD
Wilks, Scott
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session UI2.00001 Electron-Positron Jets Created by Ultra-Intense Lasers Room: Ballroom BD
Yun, G.S.
Session YI2.00005 Two-dimensional imaging of edge-localized filaments in KSTAR \textit{H}-mode plasmas Room: Ballroom BD
Zakharov, L.
Session VI3.00002 Understanding disruptions in tokamaks Room: Salt Place Convention Center Ballroom AC
Zhmoginov, Andrey
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544, USA
Session BI2.00003 Alpha-channeling in mirror machines Room: Ballroom BD
Zhou, Shu
University of California, Irvine
Session GI3.00003 Fast Ion and Thermal Plasma Transport in Turbulent Waves in the Large Plasma Device (LAPD) Room: Ballroom AC