Session Index

Session A
  AR1. Review: The Many Faces of the Shear Alfven Wave
Session B
  BI2. National Ignition Facility Design, Energetics, Symmetry and Mix
  BI3. 3D Fields and Effects
  BO5. Direct Drive and Shock Ignition
  BO7. Laser Plasma Electron Acceleration
  BP9. Poster Session I: MHD, Two-Fluid, Chaos, and Nonlinear Interactions; NSTX Spherical Torus; Magnetic Confinement Simulation and Modeling; MHD Equilibrium, Stability, and Energetic Particle Effects
  BM10. Mini-Conference on Electromagnetic Metamaterials for High-Power Applications I
Session C
  CI2. Low Temperature Plasma
  CT3. Tutorial: Magneto-hydrodynamically Stable Axisymmetric Mirrors
  CO4. DIII-D Tokamak
  CO5. Nuclear Diagnostics for NIF and HEDP
  CO6. Fast Ignition I
  CO8. Magnetic Reconnection and Other Basic Plasma Physics
  CP9. Poster Session II: Basic Plasma Physics: Non-Neutral, Dusty, Complex, and Low Temperature Plasmas; General Spherical Torus; Pinch Physics; Basic Plasma Physics: Magnetic Reconnection
  CM10. Mini-Conference on Electromagnetic Metamaterials for High-Power Applications II
  CM11. Mini-Conference on Integrated, Multiphysics, High-performance Computations for Magnetic Fusion Research
Session D
  DI3. Alternate Configurations and Startup
Session E
  EE1. Panel Discussion: The ``traditional'' career of teaching and research vs. a nonacademic research career
  EE2. University Fusion Association General Meeting
Session F
  FR1. Review: Plasmas as the Drivers for Science with Antimatter
Session G
  GI2. Stability and Pedestal Physics
  GI3. Basic Plasma Physics: LAPD, TORPEX, and Non-Neutral Plasmas
  GO4. Reversed-Field Pinch
  GO5. Laser-Plasma Coupling
  GO6. X Rays, Nonlocal Transport, and IFE
  GO7. Electron Sources and Terahertz Generation
  GP9. Poster Session III: Laser and Beam-Driven Acceleration; DIII-D Tokamak I; General Tokamak; Field Reversed Configurations and Spheromaks; Mini-Conference: Integrated, Multiphysics, High-Performance Computations for Magnetic Fusion Research
Session H
  HE1. Town Meeting on Concerns of Junior Scientists
Session J
  JI2. Edge and Divertor Physics
  JT3. Tutorial: Physics of Solar Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs): Theory and Observation
  JO4. MFE Simulation and Modeling
  JO5. ICF Implosions and Diagnostics
  JO6. EOS and Material Dynamics
  JO7. Plasma Applications
  JO8. Waves, Oscillations, and Nonlinear Phenomena
  JP9. Poster Session IV: Education and Outreach; Undergraduate and High School Research; Heating and Current Drive; Fast Ignition and High Intensity Laser Plasma Interaction
Session K
  KI3. Intense Beams
Session L
  LE1. Student Appreciation Reception
  LE2. Town Meeting on ITER Status
Session M
  MR1. Review: Overview of the National Ignition Campaign (NIC)
Session N
  NI2. Gyrokinetic Modeling
  NI3. Laser Acceleration of Ions
  NO4. NSTX, Pegasus, and International Tokamaks
  NO5. Hohlraum Physics
  NO6. Basic Plasma Physics: Dusty and Low Temperature Plasmas
  NP9. Poster Session V: ITER and Magnetic Fusion Development; Laboratory Astrophysics; Space and Astrophysical Plasmas; ICF, Laser-Plasma Instabilities, High-Energy Density Physics, and Diagnostics
  NM10. Mini-Conference on Solar Wind Turbulence I
Session P
  PI2. Energy and Momentum Transport
  PT3. Tutorial: The Physics of Advanced High-Gain Targets for Inertial Fusion Energy
  PO4. C-Mod and KSTAR and Other Tokamaks
  PO5. Pinch Physics
  PO6. Warm Dense Matter; NIF Target Design
  PO7. Intense Laser Interactions
  PO8. Laboratory Astrophysics
  PP9. Poster Session VI: Plasma Applications; Reversed Field Pinch; Basic Plasma Physics, Waves; Divertors, Edge Physics, and Fueling
  PM10. Mini-Conference on Solar Wind Turbulence II
Session Q
  QI3. Direct-Drive ICF; X-Ray Diagnostics
Session R
  RE1. DPP Business Meeting
  RE2. DPP Reception and Banquet
Session S
  SR1. Maxwell Prize Address: The Physics of Magnetic Reconnection and Associated Particle Acceleration
Session T
  TI2. Waves and Energetic Particles
  TI3. Fast Ignition and ICF
  TO5. Hydrodynamic Instability
  TO6. Basic Plasma Physics: Simulations, Turbulence and Transport
  TO7. X Ray and Intense Beam Generation
  TO8. Space and Astrophysical Plasmas I
  TP9. Poster Session VII: Basic Plasma Physics: Turbulence, Simulations, Flows, Sheaths, and Shocks; C-Mod Tokamak; Turbulence and Transport; Mini-Conference: Solar Wind Turbulence
  TM10. Mini-Conference on Momentum Transport in Magnetic Fusion and Astrophysical Systems I
Session U
  UI2. Space and Astrophysical Plasmas II
  UI3. High Energy Density Laboratory Plasmas
  UO5. Fast Ignition II
  UP9. Poster Session VIII: Plasma Technology and Other Fusion; DIII-D Tokamak II; Stellarators; Magneto-Inertial Fusion; Beams and Coherent Radiation
  UM10. Mini-Conference on Momentum Transport in Magnetic Fusion and Astrophysical Systems II
Session W
  WR1. Review: Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence
Session X
  XI2. Basic Plasma Physics: Theory, Reconnection and Dusty Plasmas
  XI3. Rotating Plasmas and Post-Deadline Invited Talks
  XO6. Ultraintense Lasers and Particle Generation
  XP9. Poster Session IX: Supplemental and Post-Deadline Posters
Session Y
  YR1. Door Prize Drawing

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