Session GP9: Poster Session III: Laser and Beam-Driven Acceleration; DIII-D Tokamak I; General Tokamak; Field Reversed Configurations and Spheromaks; Mini-Conference: Integrated, Multiphysics, High-Performance Computations for Magnetic Fusion Research

9:30 AM–9:30 AM, Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Room: Riverside West

Abstract ID: BAPS.2010.DPP.GP9.96

Abstract: GP9.00096 : Near-Real-Time 3-D Reconstructions of FRC Plasmas

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  Jon Douglass
    (Tri Alpha Energy, Inc. and the TAE Team)

Results from the C-2 experiment at Tri Alpha Energy, Inc. have demonstrated that the plasmas found in merging FRC experiments are not always nicely behaved, thus making simplistic analysis techniques inappropriate. A new method has been developed that treats the reconstruction process as the optimization of a parametric model. In our case C-2 plasmas are approximated by a 14-parameter model; the Genetic Algorithm (GA) is used to perform optimizations of this model constrained primarily by bolometer data, and typically converges in just a few seconds, i.e. near-real-time 3-D reconstructions. The specific details of this novel approach to the realistic analysis of FRC plasmas will be the primary focus of this presentation along with a few results from its application to the C-2 experiment.

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