Invited Speakers

Ahn, Joon-Wook
Session JI2.00006 Modification of divertor heat and particle flux profiles with 3-D fields in NSTX Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Amendt, P.
Session TI3.00006 The Potential Role of Electric Fields and Plasma Barotropic Diffusion on the Inertial Confinement Fusion Database Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Auerbach, David
University of California, Los Angeles
Session GI3.00001 Control of pressure-gradient-driven instabilities using shear Alfv\'en Beat-Waves Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Awe, T.J.
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Session UI3.00004 Magnetic field threshold for thermal plasma formation from an aluminum surface pulsed to multi-megagauss magnetic field Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Azechi, Hiroshi
Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University
Session TI3.00002 Fast Ignition Realization Experiments (FIREX) and Beyond Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Baeva, Teodora
Rutherford Appleton Lab, United Kingdom
Session XI3.00004 Novel zero vector potential mechanism of absorption in strongly relativistic plasmas Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Belova, Elena
Session TI2.00003 Numerical Modeling of NBI-driven sub-cyclotron frequency modes in NSTX Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Bergerson, W.F.
University of California, Los Angeles
Session BI3.00005 Core measurements of 3D effects in quasi-single-helicity plasmas in the MST RFP Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Boldyrev, Stanislav
Session WR1.00001 Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence Room: Grand Ballroom CD/EF
Breizman, Boris
Institute for Fusion Studies, The University of Texas at Austin
Session XI2.00001 Nonlinear Energetic Particle Modes with Time-dependent Frequencies Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Burke, B.
Session GI2.00003 Nonlinear Evolution of Edge Localized MHD Instabilities: A Comparison of Peeling and Ballooning-Dominated Equilibria Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Canik, J.
Session JI2.00001 Edge transport and turbulence reduction, and formation of ultra-wide pedestals with lithium coated PFCs in NSTX Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Chang, Chao
Tsinghua University
Session CI2.00006 Review theories and experiments of improving HPM window breakdown thresholds Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Che, Haihong
University of Colorado,Boulder,CO
Session XI3.00002 Breaking field lines during magnetic reconnection: it's turbulent electron viscosity and not anomalous resistivity Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Chen, James
Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory
Session JT3.00001 Physics of Solar Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs): Theory and Observation Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Chen, Yang
University of Colorado-Boulder
Session TI2.00002 Kinetic Stability of Alpha Driven TAEs in ITER Plasmas Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Cole, A.J.
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Session PI2.00005 Peak Neoclassical Toroidal Viscous Force in DIII-D Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Collette, A.
Session GI3.00002 Structure of an Exploding Laser-Produced Plasma Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Daughton, W.
LANL, Los Alamos, NM
Session UI2.00001 Formation and Interaction of Flux Ropes in 3D Collisionless Magnetic Reconnection Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Drake, James
University of Maryland
Session SR1.00001 James Clerk Maxwell Prize for Plasma Physics: The Physics of Magnetic Reconnection and Associated Particle Acceleration Room: Grand Ballroom CD/EF
Feng, Yan
The University of Iowa
Session XI2.00005 Experimental Measurement of Viscoelasticity of Strongly-Coupled Dusty Plasma Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Fetterman, Abraham
Princeton University
Session XI3.00001 Wave induced supersonic rotation in mirrors Room: Grand Ballroom EF
French, Martin
Universit\"at Rostock
Session UI3.00001 Ab initio calculations of the equations of state for hydrogen, helium, and water and the relevance to the giant planets Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Gaillard, S.A.
ForschungsZentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Session NI3.00004 Laser-accelerated protons above 65 MeV via Direct Laser-Light-Pressure Acceleration in micro-cone targets Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Gekelman, Walter
UCLA Dept of Physics
Session AR1.00001 The many faces of the Shear Alfv\'{e}n Wave Room: Grand Ballroom CD/EF
Gobbin, M.
Consorzio RFX, Associazione Euratom-ENEA sulla fusione, Padova, Italy
Session BI3.00003 Three-dimensional equilibria and transport in RFX-mod: a description using stellarator tools Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Goerler, Tobias
IPP, Garching
Session NI2.00001 Flux-driven global gyrokinetic simulation of tokamak turbulence Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Goncharov, V.N.
Session QI3.00001 Low-Adiabat, High-Compression Cryogenic Deuterium--Tritium Implosions on OMEGA Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Guo, Houyang
Tri Alpha Energy
Session DI3.00001 Formation of a Long-Lived Hot Field Reversed Configuration by Merging Two Colliding High-$\beta$ Compact Toroids Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Haan, S.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session BI2.00001 Point design targets, specifications, and requirements for the 2010 NIF ignition campaign Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Hammel, B.A.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session BI2.00006 Diagnosing and Controlling Mix in NIF Implosion Experiments Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Hatch, David
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Session XI2.00002 Subdominant Stable Eigenmodes in Plasma Microturbulenc Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Hebner, Greg
Sandia National Laboratories
Session CI2.00001 Current fundamental science challenges in low temperature plasma science that impact energy security and international competitiveness Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Hershkowitz, Noah
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Session CI2.00003 Experimental test of instability-enhanced collisional friction for determining ion loss in two ion species plasmas Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Hinkel, D.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session BI2.00002 Stimulated Raman scatter analyses of experiments conducted at the National Ignition Facility Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Holland, C.
Session NI2.00005 Advances in Validating Gyrokinetic Turbulence Models in L and H mode Plasmas Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Huang, C.
Session NI3.00003 Improving beam spectral and spatial quality by double-foil target in laser ion acceleration for ion-driven fast ignition Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Hubbard, A.E.
Session PI2.00006 I-Mode regime with an edge energy transport barrier but no particle barrier in Alcator C-Mod Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Jacobs, Brett
Session CI2.00004 Temporally-resolved ion velocity distribution measurements in a radio-frequency plasma sheath Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Kalmykov, S.
Session KI3.00003 Electron self-injection into an evolving plasma bubble: toward a dark current free GeV-scale laser plasma accelerator Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Katz, N.
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Session XI2.00006 Experimental Investigation of the Trigger Problem in Magnetic Reconnection Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Kyrala, George
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Session BI2.00005 Symmetry Tuning for Ignition Capsules via the Symcap Technique Room: Grand Ballroom CD
LaBombard, B.
MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Session JI2.00004 Scaling of the power exhaust channel in Alcator C-Mod Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Lampe, Martin
NRL (now retired)
Session CI2.00005 Traveling wave model for laser-guided discharges Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Lanctot, M.J.
Columbia University
Session BI3.00002 Measurement and Modeling of 3D Equilibria in DIII-D Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Lang, Jianying
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Session TI2.00006 Nonlinear Simulation of Energetic Particle-driven Alfv\'en Instability with Source and Sink Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Lee, Gyung-Su
President, National Fusion Research Inst. in Korea and Chair, Mgmt. Advisory Comm., ITER Council
Session LE2.00001 Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Lundh, O.
Lund University and Laboratoire d'Optique Appliquee
Session XI3.00006 Temporal characterization of ultrashort electron beams, optically injected and accelerated in a laser-wakefield Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Mahajan, S.
Inst. Fusion Sudies, U. Texas at Austin
Session XI3.00005 Twisting space-time: Relativistic origin of seed magnetic field/ vorticity Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Malyshkin, Leonid
University of Chicago, CMSO
Session UI2.00002 Fast and slow two-fluid magnetic reconnection Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Menard, J.
Session GI2.00006 Role of plasma edge region in global stability on NSTX Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Mithaiwala, M.
Session XI2.00004 Universally Unstable Nature of Velocity Ring Distributions Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Moses, Edward
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session MR1.00001 Overview of the National Ignition Campaign (NIC) Room: Grand Ballroom CD/EF
Muller, S.H.
Session PI2.00003 Evidence of an Edge Momentum Source in DIII-D H-mode Plasmas and Role of the Reynolds Stress for Intrinsic Rotation Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Mynick, H.E.
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Session BI3.00004 Minimizing stellarator turbulent transport by geometric optimization Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Najmudin, Z.
Imperial College London
Session NI3.00005 Monoenergetic proton beams accelerated by radiation pressure driven shocks Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Nelson, Brad
Chief Engineer, U.S. ITER Project Office
Session LE2.00004 Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Nilson, P.M.
Imperial College London
Session TI3.00003 High-Intensity Laser-to-Hot-Electron Conversion Efficiency from 1 to 2100 J Using the OMEGA EP Laser System Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Obenschain, S.P.
Session QI3.00002 Inertial Fusion Target Physics Advantages with the Krypton Fluoride Laser Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Offermann, D.T.
Session NI3.00006 Characterization and Focusing of Light Ion Beams Generated by Ultra-Intensely Irradiated Thin Foils at the Kilojoule Scale Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Okabayashi, M.
Session TI2.00005 Off-axis Fishbone-like Instability and Excitation of the Resistive Wall Mode (RWM) in JT-60U and DIII-D Devices Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Oz, E.
Session UI2.00006 Experimental Study of Equilibrium and Stability of Partial Toroidal Plasma Discharges Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Park, Jong-Kyu
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Session PI2.00001 Response of Tokamaks to Non-axisymmetric Magnetic Perturbations Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Perkins, L.J.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session PT3.00001 The Physics of Advanced High-Gain Targets for Inertial Fusion Energy Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Perkins, Rory
California Institute of Technology
Session XI2.00003 Wheels within wheels: Hamiltonian dynamics as a hierarchy of action variables Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Pochelon, A.
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, EPFL/CRPP, Association Euratom-Suisse, Switzerland
Session NI2.00006 Turbulence and transport reduction with innovative plasma shapes in TCV -- correlation ECE measurement and gyrokinetic simulations Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Qin, Hong
Session KI3.00002 Generalized Courant-Snyder theory and Kapchinskij-Vladimirskij distribution for high intensity beams in coupled transverse focusing lattices Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Raman, R.
Session DI3.00004 Demonstration of Inductive Flux Saving by Transient CHI on NSTX Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Recoules, Vanina
CEA, France
Session UI3.00002 Ab Initio Determination of Thermal Conductivities for Dense Hydrogen and CH Plasmas at ICF conditions Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Reusch, J.A.
Session DI3.00003 Simulated and Measured Electron Thermal Transport with Varying Magnetic Stochasticity in the MST RFP Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Robinson, Alex
Session NI3.00002 Radiation Pressure Acceleration of Ions Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Ryutov, D.D.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA 94551, USA
Session CT3.00001 Magneto-hydrodynamically stable axisymmetric mirrors Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Saitoh, Haruhiko
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo, 5-1-5 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa, Chiba 277-8561, Japan
Session GI3.00005 Formation of High-Beta Plasma and Stable Confinement of Toroidal Electron Plasma in RT-1 Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Schaffer, M.J.
General Atomics
Session BI3.00001 ITER Test Blanket Module Error Field Simulation Experiments Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Schmidt, A.E.
Session TI2.00004 Investigation of LH Physics Through Power Modulation Experiments on C-Mod Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Sinars, Daniel
Sandia National Laboratories
Session UI3.00003 Measurements of magneto-Rayleigh-Taylor instability growth in solid liners on the 20 MA Z facility Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Soukhanovskii, V.
Session JI2.00002 Taming the Plasma Material Interface with the ``Snowflake'' Divertor in NSTX Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Spong, D.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Session BI3.00006 3D effects on energetic particle confinement and stability Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Staebler, G.M.
General Atomics
Session PI2.00004 Discoveries From the Exploration of Gyrokinetic Momentum Transport Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Startsev, E.
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Session KI3.00001 Novel Hamiltonian method for collective dynamics analysis of an intense charged particle beam propagating through a periodic focusing quadrupole lattice Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Surko, C.M.
University of California, San Diego
Session FR1.00001 Plasmas as the Drivers for Science with Antimatter Room: Grand Ballroom CD/EF
Theiler, C.
CRPP, Association EURATOM - Swiss Confederation, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
Session GI3.00004 Blob motion and control in simple magnetized plasmas Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Theobald, W.
Session TI3.00001 Integrated Fast-Ignition Core-Heating Experiments on OMEGA Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Tobias, B.
University of California at Davis
Session GI2.00002 Electron Cyclotron Emission Imaging of MHD Activity on the DIII-D, TEXTOR, ASDEX-U, and KSTAR Tokamaks Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Tommasini, R.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session QI3.00004 Compton Radiography of Imploded Capsule Shells Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Town, R.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session BI2.00004 Quantitative Analysis Of The 2009 National Ignition Facility Ignition Hohlraum Energetics Experiments Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Townsend, Richard
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Session UI2.00003 Magnetic Braking of Massive Stars: Observation and Theory Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Tritz, K.
Session PI2.00002 Effects of Global Alfven Eigenmodes on Electron Thermal Transport in NSTX Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Umansky, M.V.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session GI3.00003 Toward validation of a 3-D plasma turbulence model using LAPD data Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Van Dam, James
Director, U.S. Burning Plasma Organization (USBPO)
Session LE2.00003 Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Van Zeeland, M.A.
Session TI2.00001 Alfv\'en Eigenmodes and Fast Ion Loss in the DIII-D and ASDEX-Upgrade Tokamaks Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Wan, Weigang
University of Colorado
Session NI2.00004 Natural Fueling of the Core and Edge in a Tokamak Fusion Reactor Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Wang, E.
Session NI2.00003 Magnetic stochasticity in gyrokinetic simulations of plasma microturbulence Room: Grand Ballroom CD
Wei, M.S.
Session TI3.00005 Fast electron transport in laser-driven shock heated warm dense matter and its implication for fast ignition Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Welch, D.
Voss Scientific
Session UI3.00005 Kinetic simulations of a deuterium-tritium z pinch with $>$10$^{16}$ neutron yield Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Willingale, L.
University of Michigan and Imperial College London
Session TI3.00004 High-power, kilojoule class laser channeling in millimeter scale underdense plasma Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Yampolsky, Nikolai
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Session KI3.00004 Detuning, wavebreaking, and Landau damping as limiting effects on laser compression by resonant backward Raman scattering Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Yan, Z.
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Session GI2.00004 Pressure-Gradient-Limiting Instability Dynamics in the H-mode Pedestal on DIII-D Room: Grand Ballroom CD