Invited Speakers

Adare, Andrew
University of Colorado at Boulder
Session CG.00001 Future Studies at RHIC Room: Pearl Ballroom II
Averett, T.
College of William and Mary
Session DA.00003 Beyond the Born Approximation: Two Photon Exchange in Nucleon Structure Studies Room: Grand Ballroom I
Cho, Adrian
Science Magazine
Session AA.00005 Life in the Fourth Estate: One Lapsed Physicist's Perspective Room: Grand Ballroom I / II
Connors, Megan
Yale University
Session KG.00001 Using Jets and Other High pT Probes to Understand Properties of the QGP Room: Pearl Ballroom II
Contalbrigo, Marco
INFN Ferrara
Session JA.00001 Overview of Spin physics at HERMES and COMPASS Room: Grand Ballroom I
Donnelly, Bill
Session 1WC.00006 The Role of Nuclear Physics in CC and NC Neutrino Reactions Room: Pearl Ballroom I
Dumitru, Adrian
Baruch College, City University of New York
Session PA.00003 Evidence of Saturation via p(d)A Collisions: Theory Confronts Data Room: Grand Ballroom I
Fisher, Peter
Session 1WB.00002 The DarkLight Experiment at the JLab FEL Room: Pearl Ballroom II / III
Fomin, Nadia
University of Tennessee, NPDGamma Collaboration
Session FE.00001 Initial results from the NPDGamma Experiment at the Spallation Neutron Source Room: Grand Ballroom V
Golub, R.
North Carolina State University
Session 1WB.00006 Current searches for a neutron electric dipole moment Room: Pearl Ballroom II / III
Gothe, Ralf
University of South Carolina
Session DA.00002 Baryon Structure and Spectroscopy at 6 and 12 Room: Grand Ballroom I
Handzy, Damian
Investor Analytics
Session AA.00002 A physicist's (not so) random walk down Wall Street Room: Grand Ballroom I / II
Holt, Jason
TU Darmstadt
Session FA.00001 Three-nucleon forces for exotic oxygen isotopes Room: Grand Ballroom I
Holt, Roy
Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois 60439
Session 1WC.00003 The Neutron Structure Function Room: Pearl Ballroom I
Iachello, Francesco
Yale University
Session JB.00001 Recent advances in the theory of double beta decay Room: Pearl Ballroom I
Kaufman, Lisa J.
Indiana University
Session 1WB.00007 CP and the Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Room: Pearl Ballroom II / III
Kohl, Michael
Hampton University and the OLYMPUS Collaboration
Session HA.00002 Investigating the charge of the proton Room: Grand Ballroom I
Koonin, Steven
CUSP, New York University
Session AA.00001 Physics as a state of mind Room: Grand Ballroom I / II
Kuhn, Sebastian
Old Dominion University
Session JA.00002 Nucleon Spin -- Results from Jefferson Lab Room: Grand Ballroom I
Lee, J.H.
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Session KE.00001 Electron Ion Collider - Capabilities and Physics Highlights Room: Grand Ballroom V
Lemut, Alberto
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Session CA.00003 DIANA: nuclear astrophysics with a deep underground accelerator facility Room: Grand Ballroom I
Loizides, Constantin
Session PA.00002 Summary of results on pPb collisions at the LHC Room: Grand Ballroom I
Lorce, Cedric
IPNO, University of Paris-Sud (France) and IFPA, University of Liege (Belgium)
Session DA.00001 The 3D pictures of the nucleon: status and prospects Room: Grand Ballroom I
Malkus, Annelise
North Carolina State University
Session NA.00002 Neutrino Oscillations Effects in the Context of Accretion Disks Room: Grand Ballroom I
McKeown, Robert
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Session 1WA.00008 EIC: The View from Jefferson Lab Room: Grand Ballroom III / IV
Myers, Katherine
Rutgers University
Session KA.00002 Dissertation Award Winner: First Determination of the Proton's Weak Charge from the Qweak Experiment Room: Grand Ballroom I
Otsuka, T.
Department of Physics, University of Tokyo
Session DC.00001 Shapes of Exotic Nuclei Room: Grand Ballroom III
Phillips, Sarah
The University of New Hampshire
Session 1WB.00003 The HPS Experiment: Searching for Dark Photons at Jefferson Lab Room: Pearl Ballroom II / III
Ramsey-Musolf, Michael
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Session 1WB.00005 Nuclear Physics Tests of CP Room: Pearl Ballroom II / III
Sargsian, Misak
Florida International University
Session 1WA.00003 Probing the QCD origin of Nuclear Forces at JLab12 \& EIC Room: Grand Ballroom III / IV
Scholberg, Kate
Duke University
Session 1WB.00008 CP violation in the neutrino sector Room: Pearl Ballroom II / III
Sickles, Anne
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Session PA.00001 Big Questions from a Small System: Recent d+Au Results from RHIC Room: Grand Ballroom I
Solvignon, Patricia
University of New Hampshire and Jefferson Lab
Session 1WC.00002 Detailed study of Short Range Correlations at Jefferson Lab Room: Pearl Ballroom I
Trentalange, Stephen
University of California, Los Angeles
Session JA.00003 Using Polarized Beams to Investigate the Spin of the Proton Room: Grand Ballroom I
Vagins, Mark
Kavli Institute
Session NA.00003 TBD Room: Grand Ballroom I
Walker-Loud, Andre
The College of William and Mary and Jefferson Laboratory
Session 1WC.00007 From QCD to Nuclear Physics Room: Pearl Ballroom I
Wallace, Stephen
University of Maryland
Session FC.00001 Spectrum of Excited Baryons from Lattice QCD Room: Grand Ballroom III
Wang, Wei
College of William \& Mary
Session PB.00001 A review on the reactor antineutrino flux and reactor based neutrino experiments Room: Pearl Ballroom I
Williams, Gwyn
Jefferson Lab
Session CA.00001 Applications of Nuclear Physics Accelerators for Photon Science Room: Grand Ballroom I
Wu, Qiong
Brookhaven National Lab
Session CA.00002 Recent Progress in RHIC Accelerator Science and Applications Room: Grand Ballroom I
Zeidman, Benjamin
Argonne National Laboratory
Session KA.00001 Mentoring Award Talk Room: Grand Ballroom I