Session LJ: Bio-Fluids: General II

3:35 PM–5:19 PM, Monday, November 24, 2008
Room: 102A

Chair: Alison Marsden, University of California, San Diego

Abstract ID: BAPS.2008.DFD.LJ.2

Abstract: LJ.00002 : Human Tear Film Dynamics with an Overset Grid Method

3:48 PM–4:01 PM

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  Kara Maki
    (University of Delaware)

  Richard Braun
    (University of Delaware)

  William Henshaw
    (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

  P. Ewen King-Smith
    (The Ohio State University)

We present recent progress in the understanding of the dynamics of the human tear film on the complex eye-shaped geometry. The evolution is modeled during relaxation (after a blink) using lubrication theory and the effects of viscosity, surface tension and gravity are explored. The highly nonlinear governing partial differential equation is solved on an overset grid by a method of lines coupled with finite differences. Our two-dimensional simulations, calculated in the Overture framework, recover features seen in one-dimensional simulations and mimic some experimental observations like hydraulic connectivity around the lid margins.

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