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Abstract: T1.00215 : Dark Energy Drives Vibrating Atoms, Chain reactions, Etc.:

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  Charles Sven
    (Author: The 21st Century's All New Cosmology)

The 14 billion year old atom - destroyed Hiroshima, vibrates at a 100 trillion times/sec, emanates photons at the speed of light, contains atom sized proton force field that attracts electrons, all driven by ``Dark Energy.'' This ageless atom's superpowerful requirements, must be supplied from a huge, external, super high-frequency, super-cooled, ``Dark Energy field,'' undetected by current technology, existing for 14+ billion years without degradation. Demonstrating this age-old atom's ``dark energy'' power source requires the synthesis of a number of elements, forces, observations and experiments, many of which are combined in novel but only in replicable venues. Solution includes ``Dark Energy'' participation in celestial observations. Expanded excerpt from my presentation at: the American Physical Society's April meeting in Denver 2009 Section T8: Cosmology

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