Session L6: Tests of General Relativity and Gravitation

3:30 PM–5:18 PM, Sunday, April 1, 2012
Room: Embassy C

Sponsoring Unit: GGR
Chair: Nicholas Yunes, Montana State University

Abstract ID: BAPS.2012.APR.L6.1

Abstract: L6.00001 : Probing the Strong-Field with Compact Binaries

3:30 PM–4:06 PM

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  Nicolas Yunes
    (Montana State University)

Einstein's theory of General Relativity has passed all tests to date in the quasi-stationary weak-field, where the gravitational force is weak and velocities are small. In the near future, new electromagnetic and gravitational wave data will allow us to test Einstein's theory to new, exciting levels in the strong-field regime, such as in the neighborhood of black holes and neutron stars or when such compact binaries coalesce. In this talk, I will review recent work aimed at understanding what types of new General Relativity tests can be performed in the strong field, using gravitational wave instruments and electromagnetic observations.

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