Session J7: Gamma Rays and Neutrinos in the Galaxy

1:30 PM–3:18 PM, Sunday, April 1, 2012
Room: Embassy D

Sponsoring Unit: DAP
Chair: Julie McEnery, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Abstract ID: BAPS.2012.APR.J7.8

Abstract: J7.00008 : High Energy Neutrinos from the Fermi Bubbles

2:54 PM–3:06 PM

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  Soebur Razzaque
    (George Mason University)

  Cecilia Lunardini
    (Arizona State University)

Recent discovery of two gamma-ray emitting bubble-shaped structures (Fermi Bubbles) at the Galactic center opens up a possibility to detect high-energy neutrinos from them as well, if the observed gamma rays have hadronic origin. This new predicted Galactic neutrino flux is hard, following gamma-ray data, compared to the atmospheric neutrino flux and can be detected with a kilometer scale neutrino telescope in the northern hemisphere, such as the planned KM3NeT, above 20-50 TeV. IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the South pole can also provide interesting constraints on the flux model. A detection or exclusion of this neutrino flux can discriminate between a leptonic or hadronic origin of the gamma-rays, as well as bring unique information on the activities at the Galactic center.

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