Session J6: Invited Session: Teaching and Learning Physics Through ComPADRE

1:30 PM–3:18 PM, Sunday, April 1, 2012
Room: Embassy C

Sponsoring Unit: FEd
Chair: Bruce Mason, University of Oklahoma

Abstract ID: BAPS.2012.APR.J6.2

Abstract: J6.00002 : The Advanced Labs Website: resources for upper-level laboratories

2:06 PM–2:42 PM

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  Ramon Torres-Isea
    (The University of Michigan)

The Advanced Labs web resource collection is an effort to create a central, comprehensive information base for college/university faculty who teach upper-level undergraduate laboratories. The website is produced by the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT). It is a part of ComPADRE, the online collection of resources in physics and astronomy education, which itself is a part of the National Science Foundation-funded National Science Digital Library (NSDL). After a brief review of its history, we will discuss the current status of the website while describing the various types of resources available at the site and presenting examples of each. We will detail a step-by-step procedure for submitting resources to the website. The resource collection is designed to be a community effort and thus welcomes input and contributions from its users. We will also present plans, and will seek audience feedback, for additional website services and features. The constraints, roadblocks, and rewards of this project will also be addressed.

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