Session Q5: Origins of Research and Teaching at Selected Physics Departments

1:30 PM–3:18 PM, Monday, February 15, 2010
Room: Thurgood Marshall West

Sponsoring Units: FHP FEd AAPT
Chair: James Stith, American Institute of Physics

Abstract ID: BAPS.2010.APR.Q5.3

Abstract: Q5.00003 : Research and Education in Physics and Astronomy at Haverford College

2:42 PM–3:18 PM

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  Jerry Gollub
    (Haverford College)

This talk focuses on special features of research and education in physics and astronomy at Haverford. These include: (a) The involvement of students in research for many decades, both locally and at national facilities. At least 60 students have been co-authors of scientific papers in the last 30 years, of which many contain significant new science. (b) A noteworthy Astronomy program that has produced a surprising number of active astronomers, many of whom have been recognized by national awards. (c) A physics senior seminar that helps students to make the transition from an undergraduate education to the world of graduate education or work. (d) A network of interdisciplinary interactions and concentrations that enables the physics program to appeal to students with broad interests, e.g. in biology, computer science, education, or engineering. (e) A tradition of outreach courses to students not majoring in science. (f) Curricular coordination with neighboring Bryn Mawr College. (g) Notable laboratory courses that prepare students for research and independent learning.

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