Session Index

Session A
  A1. Plenary Session I
Session B
  B2. The State of the Standard Model and Higgs Searches
  B3. Science with Intense Beams of Rare Isotopes: On the way to FRIB
  B4. Frontiers in Computational Astrophysics
  B5. The Scientific Legacy of John Wheeler
  B6. Applications of Accelerators
  B7. Physics in Latin America
  B8. Galactic Gamma Rays
  B9. Instrumentation for High Energy Physics
  B10. Mini-Symposium on New Results in Heavy Ion Physics
  B11. LIGO Progress and Plans
  B12. Neutrino Physics I
  B13. Physics Education
  B14. Planetary Science
  B15. High Energy Neutrinos
Session C
  C2. The State of Neutrino Physics
  C3. Lattice QCD for Nuclear Physics
  C4. Plasma Astrophysics of Intracluster Media
  C5. Searches for Gravitational Waves with LIGO, GEO and Virgo
  C6. History of Telescopes
  C7. Teaching Physics of Energy I
  C8. Instrumentation for Astrophysics
  C9. Charm and Kaon Physics
  C10. Nuclear Theory II: Structure and Reactions
  C11. Numerical Analysis of Black Hole Binary Systems
  C12. Cosmic Microwave Background and Cosmology
  C13. W and Z Physics I
  C14. Ultracold Neutrons and Fundamental Symmetries
Session D
  D2. The State of HEP Theory
  D3. Few Body Physics I
  D4. Panel Discussion: Global Physics Projects
  D5. Spanning the Gravitational Wave Spectrum
  D6. Ion Heating in Turbulent Plasmas
  D7. Teaching Physics of Energy II
  D8. Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Ray Instruments
  D9. Mini-Symposium on Standard Model and Higgs Physics
  D10. Neutrino Physics II
  D11. Theoretical and Quantum Gravity
  D12. Hadronic Physics
  D13. Nuclear Astrophysics Modelling
  D14. Undergraduate Research (including SPS) I
Session E
  E1. Poster Session I (4:30-6:45pm)
  E2. FEd Business Meeting
  E3. Welcome Reception and Poster Session I
Session F
  F1. Town Meeting on the DOE/NASA Joint Dark Energy Mission (JDEM)
  F2. Town Hall Meeting on Science and Society
Session G
  G2. The State of the Top Quark
  G3. Few Body Physics II
  G4. New Eyes on the Universe I
  G5. Developments in Quantum Gravity
  G6. Physics on the Road Conference : A follow-up to the World Year of Physics 2005
  G7. Science Policy: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  G8. Plasma Astrophysics of Clusters of Galaxies
  G9. Running and Near Term Neutrino Experiments
  G10. Nuclear Instrumentation
  G11. Gravitational Collapse and Theoretical Relativity
  G12. Higgs II
  G13. B Physics I
  G14. Future HEP Experiments
  G15. Sherwood I
Session H
  H2. The State of QCD
  H3. Nucleon Structure and Fundamental Symmetries
  H4. Nobel Prize Session
  H6. Women in Experimental High Energy Physics: Science and Career Paths
  H7. Managing Nuclear Fuels: An International Perspective
  H8. Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays
  H9. Mini-Symposium on Single Top
  H10. Ultra-Relativistic Collisions
  H11. LISA
  H12. Mini-symposium on Nuclear Structure at Short Distances I
  H13. Focus Session: Professional Preparation of Teachers of Physics
  H14. History and Philosophy of Science
  H15. Sherwood II
  H20. GFB Business Meeting
Session J
  J2. The State of Heavy Flavor
  J3. Puzzles and Challenges Near Doubly Magic 100Sn, the Heaviest Self-Conjugate Nucleus
  J4. Merging Galaxies
  J5. Heinemann Prize Session
  J6. Precision Measurements Impacting Cosmology
  J7. Physics Contributions to the Intelligence Community
  J8. APS Editorial Question and Answer
  J9. Top Mass
  J10. Electroweak Interactions
  J11. Theoretical Gravity
  J12. Mini-Symposium on Nuclear Structure at Short Distances. II
  J13. Few Body Physics III
  J14. Undergraduate Research (including SPS) II
  J15. Windows to Burning Plasmas
Session K
  K1. Plasma/Sherwood Poster Session I (2:00pm - 5:00pm)
Session L
  L2. On the Threshold of the LHC
  L3. Sakurai Prize Session
  L4. Nucleon Microscopy
  L5. Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics: From Stars to Stellar Explosions
  L6. Future Accelerators for Particle Physics
  L8. Excellence in Physics Education Award
  L9. QCD Topics
  L10. Nuclear Structure
  L11. Binary Inspiral and Gravitational Wave Kicks
  L12. Dark Matter Searches I: Indirect Searches
  L13. Nuclear Theory I: Few-Body
  L14. W and Z Physics II
  L15. High Energy Density Plasmas
Session M
  M1. APS Prizes and Awards Ceremonial Session and Past President's Address
Session N
  N1. Keynote Talk: The Quest for Giant Telescopes: Four Centuries of Challenge and Scientific Discovery
Session P
  P1. Plenary Session II
Session Q
  Q2. Recent Progress at the Neutrino Frontier
  Q3. Mini-Symposium on Transverse Spin Phenomena
  Q4. Opportunities in Hadron Spectroscopy
  Q5. Computational Astrophysics of Disks: From Black Holes to Planets
  Q6. Introductory Physics for Pre-Health and Biological Science Students
  Q7. Is Geoengineering a Possible Stop-Gap Measure to Rapid Climate Change?
  Q8. Cosmic Ray Electrons
  Q9. Mini-Symposium on Heavy Flavor: CP Violation and Rare Decays
  Q10. Electromagnetic Interactions
  Q11. Experimental Tests of Gravitation
  Q12. Nuclear Astrophysics
  Q13. Computational Materials and Accelerator Physics
  Q14. Beam Physics
  Q15. Sherwood III
Session R
  R2. New Eyes on the Universe II
  R3. DNP Prize and Award Session I
  R4. Dark Matter
  R5. Women and Minorities in Multi-Messenger Astronomy of Gamma-Ray Bursts
  R6. Imaging Advanced Accelerators
  R7. FPS Awards Session
  R8. Observation, Acceleration and Propagation of Cosmic Rays
  R9. Mini-Symposium on Searches I
  R11. Gravitational Wave Astrophysics
  R12. Mini-Symposium on Heavy Flavor: Future of Heavy Flavor Physics
  R13. Focus Session: Adopting PER-Based Teaching Methods and Materials
  R14. QCD Physics
Session S
  S1. Sherwood Poster Session II (2:00pm - 5:00pm)
Session T
  T2. The State of the Searches Beyond the Standard Model
  T3. DNP Prize and Award Session II
  T4. Early Science from the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope
  T5. Precision Measurements in Gravity
  T6. Panel Discussion: Preparation of Graduate Students for Careers in a Globalized World I
  T7. History of MURA, Fermilab and the SSC
  T8. Gravitation and Cosmology
  T9. B Physics II
  T11. Neutron Star and Black Hole Binary Simulations
  T12. Dark Matter Searches II
  T13. Physics Education Research
  T14. New Directions in Particle Theory
Session U
  U6. FHP Business Meeting
  U7. FPS Business Meeting
  U8. DAP Business Meeting
  U9. DPF Business Meeting
  U10. DNP Business Meeting
  U11. GGR Business Meeting
  U12. GPMFC Business Meeting
  U13. GHP Business Meeting
  U14. DPB Business Meeting
  U50. Town Meeting on the Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey
Session V
  V1. Plenary Session III
Session W
  W2. Bouchet Award and Panofsky Prize Session
  W3. Nuclear Physics Connections with Astrophysics/Cosmology
  W4. New Facilities in Particle Astrophysics I
  W6. Numerical Simulations of Coalescing Compact Objects: Black Holes and Neutron Stars
  W7. Teaching Physics and the Arts
  W8. Gamma Ray Bursts
  W9. Top and Higgs Physics
  W10. Nuclear Reactions: Heavy Ions/Rare Isotope Beams I
  W11. Data Analysis Techniques for Ground-Based Gravitational Wave Interferometers
  W12. Dark Matter Searches III
  W13. Neutrino Physics III
  W14. Searches II
  W15. Sherwood IV
Session X
  X2. Neutrino Oscillations in Electron Capture Decays
  X4. New Facilities in Particle Astrophysics II
  X5. Panel Discussion: Women and Minorities in Gravity: Science and Career Paths
  X6. The Role of Scientists in Arms Control
  X7. Accelerator Technologies for Nuclear Physics
  X8. Active Galactic Nuclei
  X9. B Physics III
  X10. Nuclear Reactions: Heavy Ions/Rare Isotope Beams II
  X11. Novel Aspects of Gravity
  X12. General Astrophysics and Compact Objects
  X13. Quantum Mechanics and Tests of Physics Laws
  X14. Higgs III

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