Session B7: Physics in Latin America

10:45 AM–12:33 PM, Saturday, May 2, 2009
Room: Governor's Square 12

Sponsoring Unit: FIP
Chair: Galileo Violini, Universita della Calabria

Abstract ID: BAPS.2009.APR.B7.1

Abstract: B7.00001 : John Wheatley Award Talk: Building bridges instead of fences. Renewed Science cooperation with Latin America.

10:45 AM–11:21 AM

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  Carlos Ordonez
    (University of Houston)

International collaborations are a hallmark of modern science. In the USA, most of this activity has been with other developed countries. Collaborations with Latin America have been of a limited scope. In light of the current challenges that demand international scientific collaborations, the establishment of closer links with Latin America will bring manifold benefits to the USA and its Latin partners. Expansion upon these statements and discussions of some examples -- Pan-American Association for Physics, World Laboratory, National Society of Hispanic Physicists, Monterrey Tech -- will be presented, as well as some suggestions for the future.

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