Session Index

Session 1A
  1A. Rising Above the Gathering Storm
Session A
  A1. Plenary Session I
Session B
  B1. Underground Labs: Plans and Progress
  B2. Light Exotic Nuclei
  B3. Laboratory Astrophysics: Supernovae and Jets
  B4. Research Talks at the Undergraduate Level
  B5. Cosmology I
  B7. Gamma-Ray Bursts and GLAST
  B8. Nuclear Instrumentation and Applications
  B9. Hadronic Physics I
  B11. Focus Session: Recent Results in Quantum Gravity
  B12. B Meson Decays
  B13. W and Z Bosons I
  B14. Particle Beam Physics and Technologies
Session C
  C1. Novel Detector Technologies
  C2. Hadronic Physics II
  C3. Very High Energy Cosmic Gamma Rays
  C4. Public and Private Funding for International Research
  C5. Cosmology II
  C6. Ground-Based Gravitational Wave Detection
  C7. Gravitational Wave Astronomy
  C8. Nuclear Theory I
  C9. Minisymposium: Toward a Universal Density Functional Theory for Nuclei I
  C10. Nuclear Science Education for the Nation
  C11. SPS Undergraduate Research
  C12. Accelerator-Based Neutrino Experiments
  C13. W and Z Bosons II
  C14. Physics of Muon and Polarized Beams
  C16. DPP Contributed Orals I
Session D
  D1. Poster Session
Session E
  E1. Accelerator and Detector R&D for the International Linear Collider
  E2. Primordial Nucleosynthesis
  E3. Laboratory Astrophysics: Magnetic Reconnection
  E4. Science and Development: Innovation Systems for Fighting Poverty
  E5a. 50 Years Since the Discovery of Parity Nonconservation in the Weak Interactions I
  E5b. 50 Years Since the Discovery of Parity Nonconservation in the Weak Interactions II
  E6. Experimental Tests of General Relativity
  E7. Cosmology III
  E8. Minisymposium: the Spin Structure of the Nucleon
  E9. Minisymposium: Toward a Universal Density Functional Theory for Nuclei II
  E10. Focus Session: K-12 Education
  E11. Quantum and Classical Gravity
  E12. Neutrino Oscillations and Cross Sections
  E13. Jet and Fragmentation Studies
  E14. Few Body Problems
Session F
  F1. APS Welcome Reception
Session G
  G1. New Reports from Major National Studies
Session H
  H1. Recent Results in Flavor Physics
  H2. Topics in Nuclear Physics
  H3. Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Rays: Experiment and Theory
  H4. New Models for Graduate Education
  H5. Discovery Prospects at the Energy Frontier
  H6. Applications of Free Electron Lasers I
  H7. Astrobiology and Planetary Effects
  H8. Nuclear Reactions
  H9. Underground Neutrino Experiments and Proton Decay
  H10. Production Studies in e+e- Collisions
  H11. Relativistic Simulations of Neutron Stars, Black Holes, and Plasmas
  H12. New Directions in Particle Theory
  H13. Top Quark Properties I
  H14. Novel Techniques
  H16. Sherwood I
Session I
  I1. QCD: the Lattice Meets Data
  I2. Applications of Nuclear Science
  I5. Theories of Gravity, Dark Energy, and Cosmology
  I6. Applications of Free Electron Lasers II
  I7. Astroparticle Physics I
  I8. Minisymposium: Nuclei and Nuclear Matter at Non-Normal Density I
  I9. Minisymposium: Electro-Weak Interactions
  I10. Charm Production, Decay, and Excited States
  I11. Focus Session: Initial Data Sets for Numerical Relativity
  I12. Higgs Physics I
  I13. Top Quark Properties II
  I16. Sherwood II
Session J
  J1. Top is Ten
  J2. A High Luminosity Lepton Ion Collider to Study QCD
  J4. Precision Cosmology
  J5. Pioneering Women Astronomers
  J6. Laboratory Astrophysics: Dynamo and the Magnetorotational Instability
  J7. Astroparticle Physics II
  J8. Minisymposium: Nuclei and Nuclear Matter at Non-Normal Density II
  J9. Double Beta Decay
  J10. Charm Mixing, Rare D and K Decays
  J11. Advances in Numerical Relativity I
  J12. Higgs Physics II
  J13. Particle Theory
Session K
  K1. Poster Session: Magnetically Confined Plasma I
  K15. Panel Discussion with PR/PRL Editors
Session L
  L1. Physics at the Energy Frontier
  L2. Study of Hadron Structure using Spin Polarized Beams
  L3. Advances in Numerical Relativity II
  L4. Women in Science Policy
  L6. Scholars at Risk
  L7. Galaxies, AGNs and Galactic Gamma-Ray Sources
  L8. Nuclear Astrophysics
  L9. Ultrarelativistic Heavy Ions
  L10. B Meson Branching Fractions
  L11. Experimental Gravitation
  L12. Exclusive D Meson Decays
  L13. Top Quark Mass Measurements
  L16. Laboratory Astrophysics I
Session M
  M1. APS Award Presentations, Past President's Address, and Lilienfeld Prize Talk
Session O
  O1. Plenary Session II
Session P
  P1. DPF and DPB Prize Session
  P2. Neutrinos II
  P3. Innovative Programs in K-12 Teacher Preparation
  P4. Gravitational Wave Sources and Phenomenology
  P6. The Postdoctoral Experience
  P7. Cosmic Rays and Solar Physics I
  P8. Minisymposium: Parton Distributions at Larger X : Data and Challenges
  P9. Minisymposium: Advances in Zero- and Finite-Temperature Lattice QCD
  P10. 50 Years Since the Discovery of Parity Nonconservation in the Weak Interactions III
  P11. Focus Session: Space-Based Gravitational Wave Detection
  P12. Bs, Bc Lifetimes and Mixing
  P13. Particle Searches I
  P16. Sherwood III
Session Q
  Q1. Neutrinos I
  Q2. Implications of QCD Phase Transitions
  Q3. Particle Acceleration
  Q4. Three-Body Systems
  Q5. Evolution: From the Big Bang to Us
  Q6. Advanced Acceleration Techniques for Future Energy Frontier Accelerators
  Q8. Electromagnetic Interactions
  Q9. Nuclear Structure
  Q10. Rare B Decays
  Q11. Simulations of Binary Black Hole Mergers
  Q12. Baryons and B Lifetime Studies
  Q13. Particle Searches II
  Q14. History of Physics
Session R
  R1. Poster Session: Magnetically Confined Plasma II
Session S
  S1. High Power Proton Drivers for Accelerator-based Neutrino Physics
  S2. DNP Prize Session
  S3. The Heliospheric Termination Shock
  S4. FHP/FPS Award Session
  S6. Panofsky Prize Session
  S10. Focus Session: Undergraduate and Graduate Education
  S11. Sources of Gravitational Waves
  S12. CP Violation in B Meson Decays
  S13. Top Quark Production
  S16. Laboratory Astrophysics II
Session T
  T2. DNP Business Meeting
  T4. FPS Business Meeting
  T5. DPB Business Meeting and Reception
  T7. DAP Business Meeting
  T11. GFB Business Meeting
  T12. GGR Business Meeting
  T14. FHP Business Meeting
Session V
  V1. Plenary Session III
Session W
  W1. Shedding Light on Dark Energy
  W2. Notes from Underground
  W3. Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts
  W5. Abrupt Climate Change Scenario
  W6. Research on Teaching Thermal Physics and Quantum Mechanics
  W7. Cosmic Rays and Solar Physics II
  W8. Minisymposium: Heavy Quark Energy Loss & Flow
  W9. Nuclear Theory II
  W10. Heineman Prize Session
  W11. Gravitational Wave Searches
  W12. Bs, B*, eta-B decays
  W13. Particle Physics Instrumentation
  W15. Poster Session IV: Post-deadline Posters
  W16. Sherwood IV
Session X
  X1. Dark Matter
  X2. Physical Properties of Partonic Matter
  X3. Magnetars
  X5. Elements of a Real Energy Strategy
  X16. Research on Teaching Large Enrollment Classes

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